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Thread: Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse)

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    Default Hiya Eryn

    Glad to hear you seem to be getting somewhere with a diagnosis/treatment! I am really sorry to hear that you are still having pain which is effecting your ability to attend uni its so difficult sometimes to get to work etc and push through the pain! I understand how you feel! I work in a physically demanding job and somedays I can barely face the thought of going to work but I have to push through the pain.
    I got to the gym and did a combat class which I havent done in ages because of my pain, it was nice it actually allowed me to focus on something other than my endo!

    Hope to hear more success from you soon, I dont have msn but maybe I could get your e-mail address anyway and we can just e-mail? I could use someone to talk to that understands me!


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    Eryn Guest


    My email is skunk . girl at hotmail. com (without the spaces).
    It sucks when you can't get to work / uni.
    I'm glad you got to attend your defense class though.
    That's great.
    I actually just got home from town, i managed a night out! I'm feeling really happy for myself, because i generally never go out because of pain / sad.
    So here's to us getting to do things we haven't in a long while!
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hi Girls

    All of your stories sound oh so familiar to me too - I won't type out my story as it has become a novel over the years - but you can check out my TTC #1journal of you're bored enough!!!

    Another thing I can recommend which hasn't been mentioned yet is alternative therapies - in particular acupuncture - it has been a miracle worker for me over the years.

    It will definately help with the intercourse pain, the breakthrough bleeding - and lots of other problems associated with your meds... definately worth giving it a go

    HTH xxx

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    EMMAz Guest


    whats your email?

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    EMMAz Guest


    i have these symptoms and my dr cant help or find anything... Bloated abdo, constipation, feeling of fullness very quickly, nausea, pain during intercourse, feeling tired very quickly, pain doing lower abdo and ovary area many times a day stabbing like pain. i have had a laparoscopy and nothing was found was believed to be that i had endometriosis but nothing, i also had a mirena put in but does not help with the pain like it was planned to be. at 20years old it awful but it would be at any age! it hard to have a sexual relationship with my fiance when its painful during intercourse and feel like vomiting after orgasm... very embarrassing but true!! is there anyone out there with similar symptoms??? please help. EMMAz

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    hi ladies,
    iv also got endo but iv got severe adhesions from a op years ago on my bowel which has spread, my endo was discovered on scans and they wont do a lap because of the scarred tissue is so bad. im on morphine for the pain anyway. atm iv been bleeding for 4 weeks and im on the pill the pill i bleed for 30-40 days. i also am in agony during sex but iam very lucky my partner is amazingly supportive. im only 20...iv suffer since i was 14/15 and this is horrendous iv also got pcos. so far iv seen 12 surgeons, 3 gynaes and 3 pain docs non of which can help me its horrendous theyv tried so many different pills it a joke..all of which i still bleed on. iv asked about the implant and they dont think it will help. at my last gynae appointment they where talking about a 20 ffs!!!
    sorry for the long rant iv just got nobody to talk to..also iv got damaged tubes due to the adhesions and they cant go in and clear them iv got to go through ivf to concieve anyway iv already been told that.
    thanks for the chance to get my feelings out.
    to all and a big .
    thank god for bb!!!
    take care
    rach xxxx

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