I'm 33 and have a 5 month old boy whom I am still currently breastfeeding.
I have had 3 lots of surgery each have been 2 years a part - the second a cyst was also removed. I got pregnant first go without contraception which surprised both me and my husband given my age and history of Endo.. Before the birth I was very anxious about breastfeeding aware this would be the only thing that could reduce/remove the endo after the birth - allows the hormone levels to restore more balanced. Well 6 weeks after the birth I got my first period back - the last 2 have been quite long over a week and in the same pain with bowel and cramps again and this time I am getting headaches as well. I know this isn't just normal cramps - given my history but I am going crazy wondering what I can take to help ease the pain whilst breastfeeding.. I use to take Vitex Agnus (liquid) this use to be brilliant but I am aware that I am unable to do so while breastfeeding..I am considering going back to Endo Clinic to book new removal but am in a dilemma as not possible whilst breastfeeding and trying to look after a 5 month old. Has anyone else had similar problems. I am disheartened that b/feeding didn't delay the come back of endo.. Also I find that when I do have my cycle whilst feeding Seth is out of sorts and doesn't feed to well only at this time of month..Which makes life so much more difficult.