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Thread: endo and trying... Question!

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    Bambi Guest

    Default endo and trying... Question!

    I have been around these forums for some time, just had a break moving and haven't had the internet on.
    I am still trying for a baby, now over 4 years.
    We found out hubby has a low sperm count and found out i have endometriosis, we have known about the endo for about a year now, were not sure what is happening yet, The Dr keep stuffing us around and referring us to different people who refer us to someone else. But 2 days ago i had a ultrasound, (Why wouldn't they do that earlier, who knows.) and it shows i have a few cysts in my womb. and i have an appointment with the Dr next week.
    Me and Hubby have talked and decided we are going to have IVF this year. As that may be our only way.

    My question is ... Do i have surgery and get the cysts out? Or can they make it worse with scarring and should i go to IVF first and have a baby and then have surgery?
    I am not sure. We really want a baby and don't want to wait anymore, as my son is getting older.
    Can someone please help me with my question, i am confused what to do.

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    Bambi! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. It is good to hear from you again.

    I guess the decision regarding what to do about the cysts would be best answered by a doctor - I imagine it would depend on how big they are, the nature of them and a whole lot of other factors.

    Good luck with the IVF decision. I have an appointment with my FS again in a few more days and I suspect we will end up following a similar path.


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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks BW,
    Nice to know i was thought of.
    Thanks for the advice. It actually did help a little.

    Good Luck to you on your adventure...

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    Bambi great to see you back here...Going by what I have been learning embarking on IVF myself, they like to tidy up everything before they start. You will have a better chance of everything sticking if there is no endo tissue or cysts in your womb....It is also important to make sure they are benign and not going to flare up with the hormones of pregnancy. But as BW said your doctor would be the best one to advise you and if you are not happy with being shoved form one doctor to the next why not ask around on the boards here for a reccomendation for a good fertility specialist in your area and then ask your doctor for a specific referral to them.

    Good luck and don't be suh a stranger....we've missed you.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    hi Bambi

    A good FS should be able to give you a laparoscopy to remove your cysts and endo and then move you on to IVF if need be. Sometimes they do other things first like IUI. I had my endo cleared out before we did IVF, if for nothing else it was great to get some pain relief.

    Good luck

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Melbel and Jane. Really appreciate the advice. I know i should be here more often, i just feel like crawling in a corner and crying from everything, but my boy gets me up and motivated. And really busy, hehehe.

    I had my appointment with my Dr and well i just wanted to cry....
    He told me i have endometriosis in my womb, I also have Endometriomata in my ovaries, There is a 5cm and a 4cm cyst on my right ovary and a 4cm and a 3cm cyst on left ovary, they are called chocolate cysts too. And i also have adhesion, where my bowel is stuck against my uterus. So now i have to wait 90 days and no more then 120 days to have surgery where they will cut me open and fix me up.
    On top of that, my boy starts prep soon and we need another car, which we don't have the money for yet, and i just don't have money for ivf, i tried for a loan but couldn't get it, Why not! Arghhh, So this week has just had one thing on top of another and its making me feel very down.
    Also the pain this last month or so has just gotten worse.
    I don't know what to do.....

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    oh Bambi you poor thing, ask for some more pain relief until you get your lap done, I will keep my fingers crossed that you won't need IVF, sometimes the lap is all you need and many women have fallen pregnant straight after having the endo delt with.

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Jane.
    I am scared and i get times when it really hurts, other times it doesn't, confusing.
    I don't want to get cut open and have surgery, but i know i need to, to get better.

    I'm worried, too, Hubby has a low sperm count and he's had many tests and it showed it was different everytime. The Dr's can't pin point the problem. So they can't help. So i'm worried that might affect our chances.
    But hubby has just gone on this Tony Ferguson weightloss diet and he has been on it for 5 days now and already lost 6 kilos. So proud of him. He's starting now so that hopefully when i have my surgery and recover he will be more healthier and we have a better chance.
    I hope, I hope this is our year, 4 years, is so hard on all of us.

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    Hi Bambi,

    Was hoping you were ok!

    So, did the Doctors give you a good prognosis for ttc after the op? Is there a better chance of conception after the op?

    Well done to DH for the weight loss so quickly!!

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    Bambi Guest


    Well he didn't really say much it was a lot to take in, I think he said things will work better afterwards. So we are going to give things a good try afterwards.
    Who knows, Our Luck has to turn around sooner or later.

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    Sounds like your TTC chances should definatley increase after your op.

    So will you be going in for the op within the next 90 days?

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    Bambi Guest


    Stupid Dr, He said 90 to 120 days, come one now, i've waited so long, don't make me wait anymore.
    So it's still about 2 1/2 months from now. Waiting, Isn't that what we all seem to be doing....

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    aconee_bell Guest


    Hi Bambi,
    Your plight has prompted me to make my second post. The first post was last Oct to say that I had a successful lap to remove some endo on my right ovary and left tube. My dr said at the time that I would unlikely to get preg without any help but last week I found out that I am 5 weeks preg. I am in shock... There is hope, so good luck Bambi!

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    Bambi Guest


    Did you try at all? Or just let things happen??? What kind of things were you doing (positions ect)???
    Congrats to you, I hope i can be like that and fall pregnant soon after my Op.

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