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    Hi everyone,

    I just need a little advise.
    My gyn has put me on metformin as I have PCOS symptoms (irregular af, acne, weight issues among others) but my blood tests all came back fine. She wants to try this to help regulate my periods and to hopefully assist with loosing weight.
    My understanding of metformin is that is regulates the insulin this helping to reduce weight with excersise and diet. However, if my insulin is fine then how is that supposed to assist with regulating my af and help get my weight under control??

    I have been trying to do some research on the net but seem to be going around in circles.

    Any info would be fantastic.

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    Hi Shan,

    I also have PCOS and my insulin levels were always fine too. It was my testosterone levels that were and probably still are high. From what my specialist told me at the time it was to try and kick start the weight loss. Even though my insulin levels weren't high my body still wasn't listening to the insulin my body produced when I ate and I was putting on weight at the rate of a kilo a week. I was on quite a high dose in the end and they made me feel sick as they lowered my blood sugar level too much that I stopped taking them.

    I was told even if the weight wasn't coming off just excercising made a difference. I finally did loose some weight not as much as I would have liked and it took me 12mths to shed my first kilo, but enough that AF appeared every couple of months. I am now back to square one and have an extra 10kg to loose after having my son. I always think of PCOS as a catch 22 you need to loose the weight to get AF back but your body doesn't turn the food you eat into energy just stores it as fat.

    Sorry very long, not sure I have helped any.

    Hansie x

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    Hi there,
    I was on Metformin for 6 mths before starting Clomid. I was put on it because I have PCOS and am insulin resistant. Many girls with PCOS make more insulin then what is normal. Metformin normalises this. Weight is also related to insulin resistance and the heavier you are the higher your resistance levels can be. There is a blood test which can determin if you are insulin resistant or not. If you have not had one ask your Doctor for it as it will give you a definate answer.

    I had the blood test and based on the results was put on Metformin. My Doc told me that it would help with weight loss (which it did) and the insulin resistance and basicly make Clomid more effective (I conceived on my 3rd cycle).

    Im not sure how Metformin works if you do not have PCOS but a blood test can also determin if you do, a more accurate method is an ultrasound of your ovaries. I would say talk to your doc a bit more about it or seek more information. A good place for info is POSSA (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Ass. Australia) - I found them to be a great source of information and assistance.

    I hope this helps you a bit. All the best.

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