Hi Girls, thought i would join in and offer what i can.
I will second and third the soya info. I am vego and have been for 8 years or so. Stopped eating it this year as my mum and i found info on it that was truthfully scarey for people with endo. Not necessarily bad for menospausal women, i guess it depends on you hormone levels and requirements. I am reading a briiliant book right now called Hormone Deception. It is great, it explains what differnt things can play with our hormone levels and what to avoid to reduce risk of interference. Things like fragrances etc and dioxins. Look it up, well worth the read. now of course it is rediculas to expect to eliminate everything when we must live int he same world as everyone else. But the things i can do are things like...We now use coconut oil on our skin and in our foods. It is so very good for us and does not break down like others when heated. We even have a spoon on our cereal. Yumbo.
I have goats milk now instead of soya which i didn't thinki would like but as long as you buy the fresh stuff and not the heat treated, it does not have a strong taste.
We cut numbers out a long time ago and i am not the type to wear a lot of perfume and smelly stuff. I don't smoke or drink. My biggest weakness is sugar. My god i love it. Things that have helped my cravings are...dried fruit and nuts and not going too long without food, 2hrs max. I also take asuppliment i bought in Aus (i am in London now) called Insulex through my natropath. it is a Meta genics product and helps to balance out insulin levels naturally so you don't go through the massive highs and lows of eating and hunger. I always take an alternative with me in the tube so when i am hungry or craving i have water or a snack instead. If i don't have something with me, it is a sure bet i will fidn something naughty and justify why i am haivng it.
Another book i am reading righ now is from the elaine hollingsworth website which is interesting. SHe is very passionate.
I have also used a Zeolite drops to help with detoxing cells.
I think it is just so important to come as close to basics as we can.
In saying that, even though i thoroughly believe in how we live and eat in our life, we are still waiting for a little baby.
I hope you all have great luck
Speak to you soon
Jodie, Hippy Mum to be