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Thread: Metformin

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    Well 2nd day after my met break coz of being sick last week, and I am happy to report I am buzzing again LOL! And all BM's seem to be normal *phew* LOL sorry if TMI!

    Will keep you posted how I am doing next week!

    Good luck with your appt aw!


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    darrangela Guest

    Default metformin

    I have just been put on metformin 500mg a day for the first week or two, then i can go up to 500mg twice a day... i have had the diarahea? for the first few days.. nothing else major.. slight loss of appetite.. i have a BMI of over 30... i am hopeing to loose weight.. (otherwise i won't fit into my wedding dress! in oct) what is the rate for loosing like??

    anyone wanna chat, msn me at [email][/email]

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    aw Guest


    Hi darrangela

    I have been on metformin for a month now and have not lost anything, but the thing I do find amazing is that I have not put any on. This is particularly amazing because I have always been able to put it on sooooo easily, and I went on holidays for Easter, which ended up being a 4 day full on blow out on junk food!! Before metformin, I would have put on say 3 or 4 kgs from that, and not been able to lose it, but this time I have stayed right where I was. I'm not advocating having a good ole pig out like that, but being easter and on holidays with a bunch of 'skinnies' that just ate and ate was all too hard for me after 9 months of toiling to lose only 6 kgs!!

    I don't know if that helps much!!


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    Hey ladies, its been a long time since I've chattedand everything is real good.

    darrangela-I lost 30 lbs from taking Metformin(500mg) and starting a new meal plan. I went to see a nutritionist, at my request, and it has helped tremendously.

    Most women with PCOS have insulin restistance and eating High Carbohydrates doesn't help the cause for weight loss.

    So if you get a chance, talk with the your doctor about seeind a nutritionist.

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