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Thread: TTC with PCOS and Metformin

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    After 4 years TTC DH and I finally got a BFP after 3 cycles of clomid. We had actually been told that clomid was not for us as i had really long cycle lengths then the month after I stopped i got pregnant. I was on Clomid and metformin and had no real problems. Only advice would be try and keep weight down as this is a major factor in PCOS and infertility. I lost 5 kg and it made all the difference. It dosn't matter if your very overweight or not.

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    Eileen Guest


    Hi everyone,

    I have managed to bring my appointment forward with my specialist - so I will see him tomorrow! My husband and I have decided to go for Clomid when we speak to Dr Eden tomorrow, so fingers crossed it will work out for us.

    Thanks to everyone who replied and shared their stories and I will keep you informed how everything goes!

    Good Luck to all of you TTC.


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    Hi Eileen,

    I was dignosed with PCOS early 2005 at the age of 21. We were trying to fall pregnant at the time. My specialist started me on treatment, we went through a lot of diffent treatments for months, she then started me on metformin and clomid and in the last treatment before she started me on FSH injections i fell pregnant. I now have a healthy little girl who is 15 months old. We are booked in to see a specialist again in a few weeks to start treatment to try for another one. I was quite sick on the metformin/clomid but it was worth it in the end.
    Good luck with your treatment.

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