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    Hi, I have had endo for years. I have had my four laps, which helped for a little while. I tried the depro injection for 2 years which didn't help. I have tried Danazol tablets for a month but the side effects where too much. I am now on Zoladex and just had my 2nd implant. I would like to know of anyone's experience on it. After my 1st injection I had my period which lasted for 2 weeks.

    I just had my 2nd injection 2 weeks ago and for the last week I have had terrible hot flushes, night sweats and nausea. I am wondering if these will go away or stay for the whole 6 months? I want to try to stick it out as my last option is a hysterectomy. Has anyone had great results after the 6 months?

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    Hey Dovel Queen,

    I was on Zoladex for about 6 months...but for fibroids, not endo.

    The hot flushes lasted for me pretty much the whole time. I learnt to 'control' them a little I often noticed that happened when I was getting stressed. So, I'd do deep breathing and just try to keep myself pretty mellow....

    There's an old thread on zoladex somewhere on here...just do a search and hopefully you'll find it with some other people's responses.

    Wishing you all the very best!!!

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