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Thread: Feeling so guilty

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    Unhappy Feeling so guilty

    Since my brother died i have been feeling so guilty that we live here and my dad is back in the UK. I do have my step brothers and step sister there but they are not his other than though marriage.

    The last few days i have been thinking that i should move back to the UK to be closer to him. But part of me knows that we won't have the same kind of life there and i am not sure if DH would come as well.

    I'm so messed up and unsure what to do.

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    Hey Michelle.....

    I remember when you told us the news of your brother.... I hope everything went as well as it could from there... love and hugs to you

    I kinda understand where you are at... except my mum and nan are only in SA not the UK.... we moved down there cause pop was really sick but after he passed away we decided to come back to qld but mum stayed..... I always feel so guilty, almost to the point of saying "right lets go back" but we came back to QLD for a reason... not exactly sure what reason but we know its the right place for us now.......
    If you really feel in your heart thats where you should be then maybe just run it past DH and see what the feedback is... go from there.

    Good luck sweet and I hope you feel good soon!

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    Can you bring your dad here, Michelle?

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    Natalie & Caro my dad does love it here and he liked the idea of spending 6 months here and 6 months in the UK but my step mum is the problem as she still works and would only spend 4wks of the year here so i don't think dad would do it and i know she wouldn't move here full time as it means leaving her kids and the other grandchildren behind.

    I guess i am just still feeling the pain of lossing him and that it should have been his birthday in 9 days time.

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