: What is the right amount of children for you?

  • One child

    7 6.14%
  • Two children

    21 18.42%
  • Three children

    23 20.18%
  • Four children

    27 23.68%
  • Five or more

    4 3.51%
  • No set number - I'm just seeing what happens!

    32 28.07%
... 234

thread: How many children is the right amount for you?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I can totally understand that Kerrie, esp as the older you get the harder it is on your body.

    Michelle- speaking from experience 4 is nice but there is always work to do LOL. I never have an empty washbasket for less than half a day, and then there are 2 loads straight off without towels. I guess sometimes you need to cross the bridge when you come to it, cos it may not fit financially either. I hope everybody gets what they want though LOL

    Good luck Shannon with the persuasion, I found pointing out all the gorgeous things Jemma did helped sway Arron LOL. I guess maybe Corey could be worried too as there is so much ahead for Jessalyn, not that you need to rush into it straight away. IKWYM about wanting to have a son though. I was lucky to get my boy 2nd cos I really think we would be ttc no. 5 if I had 4 girls. Not just cos Arron wopuld want a son but I would too, I would love to go again if I knew I'd get a 2nd boy but...won't risk it.LOL

    Cheers Michelle

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    Mar 2005

    It's such a hard decision for me and I dont know why!

    DH says instantly NO!- but I cant for some reason say NO- I just cant! But if you say to me r u definate you want another I cant say YES either-weird I know, but it's strange- hey if you're confussed , imagine how I am? #-o

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    kirsty Guest

    I would have loved to have said 3 but with things the way they are I will be over the moon if we can manage to have 2!!!

    DH & I had both agreed that 3 would be nice, then life kicked in. It took us 3yrs to conceive James ~ then he scared us by coming 8wks early due to PROM & no real reason for why it happened, skip forward 12mths, decide we would like to try for number 2 ~ 2 months later pregnant. Unfortunately we only made it to 18w5d with this pregnancy & our little boy had no chance of making it. After losing him in March 2004 it took us/ me until December 2004 to feel ready to jump back into TTC. Fast forward to today & still no signs of being pg ~ so starting to think maybe #2 will never happen.

    Therefore will be over the moon if we ever manage to make it to number two. It is one of those things that make me jealous of women who seem to fall so easily & have relatively problem free pg's.

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    Apr 2005

    I haven't even had one yet ... but I'd really love 4 (possibly more 8-[ ). I grew up as one of 4 daughters, and being part of a our family is so much fun and there's so much humour and love shared between us. I'd love for my (future) kids to have those same feelings.

    But I reserve the right to change my mind after my first lol :smt081

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    things really aren't in our control are they, we all should be grateful for the children we have and we sometimes just take it for granted that we are the ones making the decision on how many children we get. I do hope things happen for you guys really soon and who knows you still may end up with 3, but at least you know how important each child is, it makes us all hug the ones we have just a little tighter.

    Cheers MIchelle

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    kirsty Guest

    Thanx heaps Michelle.

    As I said we will be very grateful if we manage to have number two & have already discussed it between the two of us & our GP & OB, & have decided that if we do get lucky & have number two then that is where we are calling it quits. We aren't going to challenge our luck any more than it needs to be. Plus I am getting older (as is DH) & we are thinking a bit of the future as well.

    Am also starting to get used to the idea that one may be it for us. Takes a bit of getting my head around, but that isn't decided for certain yet so we'll wait & see.

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    Colleen Guest

    If finances werent an issue, I would be contributing to world over population lol ( permitted my body allowed it )

    Heres my issue & reason for wanting 2.

    Grandparents have (in birth order)

    Boy Girl Boy


    Boy Girl Boy

    I have


    Now each of the 3rd child in the first two families is a **** so i figure I will have 2 and not have the naughty child Its my theory & im sticking to it! lol

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    LOL Colleen love the theory hope it works and your 3rd child didn't skip the line and become the 1st child LOL

    DOesn't work in our family, cos My brother was the **** and he was the 2nd and so is my son and he too is the 2nd, but DH is actually a 1st child and he is a toatl **** too.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Jul 2004

    Only just saw this!

    I would love to have 4+ DF says have 3 then see how we go which is fair enough, i might now want anymore after that. I really want a 2nd at least though because both DF and I are only childs and I want Lily to have a sibling because i know all too well how boring life can get when you dont have a brother or sister. Which also means Lily won't have any cousins either so that's another reason why we want more than one. Also I would love to adopt a child after we're finished having kids too!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Jan 2006
    Port Macquarie, NSW

    I think that how many children to have is one of those decisions that you can't make in advance. Every child is so different and brings so many changes into our lives that it seems foolish to try and plan for the unpredictable.

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    Apr 2007
    in lactation land

    I voted 1, previously it would have been 3 or 4 but 1 would be great

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    Apr 2008

    I think 2 will be enough for me - given our age and situation in life I don't think we will have any more after this one. I don't know if this would be any different if I was younger or not so I won't speculate. I am happy with where I am and what I have so it's all good

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    Jul 2006

    I always dreamed 4......Dh says 6....#3 is on the way now..and depending on the gender there maybe be a 4th..or this might be the last (if its a boy)!

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Heaps of people i know are stopping at 2, not sure if it's financial, cultural, social or what. but I want at least 3 and at this stage wold be happy to return for a 4th. (really wanting #2 to happen in the next 12 months) My only worry is people seem to wow at 4 these days, like it'[s something really strange.

    well need to work on hubby for the 3rd let alone the 4th

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