thread: StepZ! Would love to chat with other step parents!

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    AngelBeth Guest

    StepZ! Would love to chat with other step parents!

    Hi! I am a stepmum to 3 children. Was really just wanting to know how others have coped. I have had all three living with us which has been difficult but fun and I was just interested in others experiences. My partner and I are hoping to add one of our own and was wondering also how the steps coped with a new sibling.

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    Nov 2004

    Hi I too have 3 stepchildren and DH and I have a 4 year old daughter. The first year was the hardest - can't believe I stayed!! We used to have them every weekend, 1 week every term holiday and for 3 weeks around christmas. At times I still want to leave, especially when I feel DH lets me do all the work and completely ignores me - I feel like a housekeeper and cook!! But DD adores them as they do her.

    Luckily his ex is OK with me, now - took a while.

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    Nov 2004

    Hi there, I have a stepdaughter who is 13.5 years old and lives with her mum. I've been around since she was six, and we get along really well. Unfortunately there have been a number of issues with her and DH's relationship and also a few court cases, which have further stressed their relationship. She comes around whenever she wants (although we have to do all the transport) and loves her little brother to bits. She has ordered a sister though! She also has a 21 year old half-sister (by her mum), and her mum has now married a guy (who's the same age as my Dad) who has kids nearly my age, so she has step-brothers who are in their twenties too.

    I'd hate to draw her family tree!

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    AngelBeth Guest

    Hi Ladies Thank you for replying. I have to admit that although it has been a rough 7 years I think I am lucky that I have had a good relationship with all 3 kids regardless of all the stunts their mother used to pull. The poor kids have really been torn between Mum and Dad with their mother trying every trick in the book to try and get them back with her. We were lucky the kids were old enough to decide where they wanted to live and they chose to live with me and their dad. The two girls are now 20 and 17 and our youngest son is now 16. Its been a rough journey and like saschasmum I did have issues where I felt like I was just the cook, cleaner and landlady! Their mother ran a very untidy house and the kids never knew how to clean up after themselves! For a house proud person like me it was the ultimate sin! But now I am proud of all 3 as they have turned out to be well rounded young people, with no serious issues although middle daughter did move back with her mother 2 years ago.

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    AngelBeth Guest

    All three kids are anxious for another brother or sister too and they are now at an age where they can enjoy a baby sibling. There sure will be no shortage of baby sitters let me tell you!

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    Aug 2004
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    I`m also a Step Mummy to 2 lovely boys - Michael who is 12 and Alister who is 11. They live with their Mum and we have them every other weekend (Friday after school until Monday morning) plus half of the school holidays. I`ve known the boys since they were 8 and 9.

    Mark and I both thought it was very important to involve the boys as much as possible with a new baby coming, this even included before TTC we`d tell them that they will have a baby brother or sister soon, we`d ask them what would they prefer?

    When I was pregnant the boys were told 2 days after we found out, I found photos on the net of developing babies and showed them what the baby would look like at each stage, they couldn`t wait for me to get a tummy. Once baby was moving I got them to place their hand on my belly so they could feel, I showed them the u/s photos and when we found out the sex we told them, they did want a sister but got a brother.

    Matthew is 15 weeks old now and the boys adore him and they are now aware that we will be having more children then just Matthew.

    We do have our moments with the boys when they are naughty and will not listen but they are kids and have to learn.

    Take Care


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    Step mum to 3 here. They don't live with us though. The two boys seem to accept our daughter we've had together ok, but I do think step daughter has issues accepting her, but won't admit it. We haven't told them about the next bub on the way yet