thread: What are the things you won't Tolerate

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    What are the things you won't Tolerate

    In regards to your parenting style, what are the things that you will "Not" tolerate from your child?

    I am pretty easy going with my parenting, but I will not tolerate a "Potty Mouth" from my children.

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    Back chatting
    I hate that. It sounds ugly and makes a pretty girl looks like a tramp. If you don't like something, say it in a respectfull manner, don't back chat.

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    oh my two teenagers try that with me, argggggg, don't get far though!!! One look says it all! Some call it the third eye, I call it the Evil eye!

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    I know kids will try, and I am sure you can do your best, but if they are going to back chat they will. It's part of the growing up prosses, BUT I HATE when kids do that to their parents in public. It's just so mean and rude.
    I will definatly be thinking about getting me an evil eye ;P Maybe I should start praticing with DH??

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    Bad manners. Not saying please or thank you, not acknowledging someone who has entered the room, eating with mouth open, destroying things that are not to be destroyed, bad language... I don't mind questions, even questioning my decisions, so long as it is done respectfully and the answer is respected. But DH has just had a huge rant that Niece refuses to say please or thank you (or even ta) and won't acknowledge anyone, makes me think she hasa hearing problem.

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    Lying , rudeness, sneakiness, swearing and disregard for other peoples property.

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    Where do i start?!!
    The same thats already be said but my BIGGEST is NAGGING - this drives me nuts, rolling her eyes if im telling her off for something, questioning MY decisions and yep, of course swearing.

    And im another for bad manners, but i must say i have never had this problem with DD.
    Evil eye worked a treat with DD until she turned about 11.
    Actually i think i just dont want to tolerate her being a teenager!!

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    for me its BAD MANNERS!! i cant stand people (including adults) that cant say please or thank you!! like really how hard is it!!

    working in child care its amazing how many children dont know what they are!! grrrrrrrrr (and yes the parents too)

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    All of the above, but also, Children hitting adults. I don't hit others why would they hit me. I also hate children yelling at me. Again I dont yell at them, they need to treat me as I treat them. I also work in childcare and so many children treat adults like dirt! It's amazing to me that a little person is allowed to get away with such things by their parents. They get a rude shock when they meet me, lol.

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    Same as everyone else really....bad manners, swearing, backchatting and hitting are probably my biggies.

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    I simply hate when the kids punch each other. I get cross when they hit but closed fists gets me going nutso,,

    Looking me in the eye and still doing what I have asked them not to do,

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    Hitting yes, adults or kids i agree - very wrong.

    I hate on that show Australias funniest home videos where kids punch/kick/jump on males in the groin (on purpose (sp?))- i really dont find this funny in anyway.

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    Bad manners and spitting.
    Particularly the spitting, just can't handle it.

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    Hitting / kicking / biting - they go straight to time out for that as it's not okay to hurt people. I wont tolerate bad language either but feel bad as I slip up sometimes, so I talk with them first and if they continue on or don't apologise then I will do something about it.

    Spitting and throwing things deliberately with intent to hurt.
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    Disrespectful behaviour, violence towards other (especially mum, dad & siblings), disrespecting belongings (there are many kids who would love what you have maybe I should send it all to them! ) or disrespecting others belongings. NOT listening (this is a big gripe of mine).

    With regards to backchatting unless its out of rudeness I actually encourage it, for me its a form of discussion and I think providing Paris & Seth can discuss in a polite manner it will always be encouraged. Often my daughter has great pearls of wisdom and had I had the no back chat rule she would be silenced and I would miss out on the opportunity of learning from my child (which I have a lot). For example I asked her to do something for me the other day, I can't remember what it was (I was in a bad mood and she knew it) so instead she said "Mum please don't get annoyed, but I'd like you to listen to me... I can't do xyz because of xyz maybe we could xyz instead" And her reasoning was correct but in the mood I was in I could have (luckily I didn't) turned around and told her to just do as she was told when her solution was more effective than mine I'm not judging here just some food for thought

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    Any sort of violence, hitting, kicking, pushing etc. Zander will be sent to his room (or somewhere else if we are out) then we will have a chat about not hurting other people. He then *must* apologise to the person.

    Not listening, this one gets me very cranky!

    ETA: Now you mention Cai, disrespecting their own or others belongings is a big one for me too, jjust didn't think of it til you posted LOL.

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    bad manners and bad behaviour - from both of the children in the house (my husband and my step-son). They both get time out & things taken off them until they start to behave (I swear they just feed off each other and egg each other on).

    Bad language is another no-go in this house, I have started rousing on DH to get him to watch his mouth, DSS arrives tomorrow, so I don't want slip-ups!

    Not showing respect to elders. Actually not showing respect FULL STOP - that makes my blood boil.

    We have rules that my step-son must adhere to when he is here, very similar ones to those he has at home (so there is consistent parenting), funny thing is that I'm stricter on a few things than his mum & her new partner are.
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    I agree very much, it takes a village and its just unfair to the children if each villager has their own rules. And in our house most rules apply to adults too and can be enforced by the kids


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