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Thread: bamboo or hemp

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    I too would suggest wool cover for night use.

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    This thread is very helpful! We've already started doing our research and so far I've worked out what i'll need -
    You girls know your stuff, i don't! So am I right with the below?

    Full time cloth use -

    I'll need about 25 fitted nappies (i prefer the fitted from what i've read)
    I'll need 6-8 covers (PUL and Wool) PUL - day WOOL - night
    Boosters for extra absorbency
    6 AIO's (small newborn size) until a few months later when bub starts growing and needs the next size AIO.....

    am I on the right track here?? We won't be buying yet it's still early but we did buy the Trial pack (deluxe) from BBH and we just LOVE them!!!!

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    ren - Emily outgrew her AIO's in 3 weeks, so be prepared for that. Also give fleece covers a try, they are so soft & cute, I love them.

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    Christy - i am in brisbane
    I have emailed BBH and asked for a party so that myself and other mum friends can have a squiz!
    I mentioned it to DH and he hates the idea... as in he is not a fan of poo..... lol
    You just scrape or rinse it off first dont you...

    Also do you ever throw them in the washing machine with your normal clothes?

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    PP we are going to be having a BB clothie meet up in Brissy in the next few weeks. I'll PM you later with that info. It will be a good place to see other nappies than BBH.

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    It's actually surprisingly easy with the poo, even my DH does it!
    Yeah, you just scrape it off into the loo first. You might need to rinse them before popping them in the bucket if they're really soiled.
    I don't wash with our normal clothes, but only because I wash the nappies every 2nd day, and our clothes only once a week (bonus of having a large washing machine).
    Also with fleece covers (if you choose to use them) you don't need to wash them after each use. If bub has only done a wee, then air dry them, and re-use.
    A BBH party sounds like a great idea.

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