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    Something you might consider is that your child if they are eating solids might be getting this fatty acids from food, which is perhaps why they are all saying the "gold" brands are important before 6 mths and not as important afterwards. Just a thought? Then again most food that is consumed before 9 mths is just really fibre and water (veges, fruit and rice stuff!) it's not until they start eating meat, eggs, and the other things mentioned that it would replace what is needed. Perhaps until your child is eating enough of that type of food to receive the nutrients?

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    I just have to say I use Heinz Nuture for both my boys which you can get for around $11 - $12 a tin..... $9 if you get lucky and no it doesn't have DHA and AA in it and well Kameron is now 3 and has had no dramas from having a cheaper variety of formula.

    When I began to give Kameron formula there was no way I could afford $18 or $19 a tin for formula which is why we went with Heinz Nurture.


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    Katanya - I was thinking the same thing re the DHA and AA in the solids he eats now anyway ...
    I just had a chat to DP about changing his formula to a cheaper brand, cause the savings from that would be great. But he still wants to keep Aidyn on the Gold... I think he thinks it might help grow Aidyn a super brain or something, ROFL!! Males! :roll:

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    I am using Heinz formula atm for Grace and have no probs. I used the regular S-26 for Harry, I just can't justify spending nearly $20 on a tin of formula. I did a little research on the gold formulas and there is conflicting info about whether the added DHAs in these formulas are in high enough amounts to be of any use. I spoke to a CHN friend of my mum's and she said for her son she used S-26 gold for the first couple of months then switched to heinz. She said that the gold formulas have the most benefit in newborns but as babies get older a regular formula is fine. I say do whatever works for you. If you and bub like the formula you are using then stick to it but if you want to save a little money then the less expensive formulas are fine to use and will still provide everything your baby needs.

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    Well after talking to our CHN about this issue, I thought I'd post about what we have since found out if that's ok.

    We were basically advised that after 6 months, there really isn't any need for babies to be on any 'gold' type formulas as they can obtain extra nutrients from their solid foods. So after that, we decided that we would switch to a cheaper variety, and we made the transition from S26 Gold to Heinz Nurture Follow-On and have had no problems whatsoever. We made a gradual transition over the course of about a week to make sure that his bowels didn't get too upset from the switch as the 6+ month formulas apparently have a greater milk fat level in them which can upset them a tad.

    Making this change is saving us around $10 per week which is great! S26 is around $19 - $20 per tin, and Heinz is around $10 - $11.

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    Yep got the Heinz We are onto our last tin of it. When this one is gone it will be full on cows milk. Lachlan already has cows milk all day but has 1 bottle of formula a night before bed


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    I love the Heinz formula...it just came on to the market when Reilles was about 5 or 6 months old, so I switched over to that. He had no probs with either the starter or follow on formula, and Georgia is currently on the starter one and will also have the follow one at 6 months. As someone else said, if they're having a good balanced diet when they start solids, I really don't think it's necessary to give them an expensive formula. The Heinz one is nice and cheap too, which suprised me when I first started with it, being a well known brand, I thought it would be up there with the exy ones in price!