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Thread: Fayreform Sizes..???

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    Question Fayreform Sizes..???

    Sorry mods, had NO IDEA where to put this... but it's body related so here it is.

    Does anyone know how the Fayreform Bra Sizes work? Are they all in UK sizing? I was just on a website trying to order some new maternity bras now (or looking at doing it rather), and found that the size of my Fayreform bra is a UK size.

    Anyone know of this is this with all their styles or only some??
    My Fayreform underwire (the only one that fits comfortably) is a 16HH, which if is a UK size converts to 16L AU - hence explaining why i can never find anything to fit...

    Any thoughts?

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    I've pretty much stuck to Fayreform for years but not sure what you mean. All the bras I've got have had a label that states AU, UK/USA, FRA & EUR sizes on the individual bra.

    I'm 14F AUS which is 36F UK. So as I understand it the cup size is the same it's just the number that is different?

    If you're having trouble finding bras for your size, look up Bravissimo (UK) they go up to J & K cup sizes and are brilliant quality. Have ordered from them before and size was correct (based it off my Fayreform size too ) Sorry mods if I'm not meant recommend brand???

    Anyway, good luck.

    P.S. just looked at the site (for myself ) and just saw they have a maternity bra in size L
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    i was looking on another website that says the uk sizing of a 16HH is a 16L Aus... which is why i was confused, as like you my label corresponds similarly 16 to 36...

    maybe ill check out the fayreform website again...

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