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Thread: How to correct posture?

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    Question How to correct posture?

    I have always had terrible posture.... I have been to the physio today though and he told me that I really need to correct my posture otherwise I am going to develop a 'lump' around the top of my spine. He said it feels as though it has already started but if I correct my posture now that it shouldn't develop further.

    How do you all keep your good posture?!? I keep trying to remember but it is hard because I have always 'slumped'.


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    Hey hun- me again Yoga and pilates are great for strengthening your core muscles so maybe s you could do a few classes to help build up your strength and then make sure you sit properly on chairs and couches etc!

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    I think it will take a lot of conscience effort at first but hopefully, like Tan said, after you have strengthened your core muscles it will become easier. Swimming can really help too. I am also trying to improve my posture so I make sure I check out my reflection in store windows etc where-ever I go and inevitably end up straightening myself up. You think you will look weird walking so straight at first but trust me it doesn't! Also flat shoes really help.
    Good on you for trying to nip this problem in the bud!

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    Hey Oshani

    try this simple standing pose (Tadasana or Mountain pose)

    this helps to correct posture, improve breathing, relieves back ache etc

    focus on making this a routine thing...

    Mountain Pose (Mountain pose)
    Stand upright, feet hip width apart, toes turning in slightly
    Strengthen the legs, tuck the buttocks in
    Lift the chest, release the shoulders down
    Lengthen the spine
    Relax the face

    hope this helps

    xx yogababy

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    Awww hugs Caro. I'm sure it's not that bad! It is sooo hard to remember to sit up straight *ugh*

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    To straighten your back, don't push your shoulders back, or thrust your chest out - rather, pull your shoulders back. There's a couple of muscles between your shoulder blades and your spine, and consciously tighten them for a few mins each day (I do mine when I do my pelvic floor muscles). And just like your pelvic floor muscles, if you exercise them, you'll be doing it a lot more.

    When you use these muscles, you can actually feel your rib cage lift up and more air getting into your lungs, and your diaphram (sp?) moving too.

    Plus yoga / pilates is wonderful

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