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    Default Please Answer Me This Question....

    I Had A Surgery 2 Years Ago.....and I Still Can't Feel Some Parts In My Arm, Sometimes It's Very Itchy Inside, Not My Skin And Sometimes I Feel Pain In The That Normal ?? Like I's Been 2 Years And It Stills Bothers Me A Lot !!!

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    Was the surgery on your arm? I had some nerves cut during surgery on my chin and was warned of some of these possible side effects... a couple of bits are still numb and I'm pretty sure I had itchiness for a while too. I'd ask your doctor.

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    I am not a doctor.
    I still sometimes have a pain on my c/s scar and the tissue around feels a bit dead.
    If you are really, really worried I would be going to a gp, just to make sure

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    My dad got itchiness and numbness in his arm before he had neck surgery, had something to do with a disk pushing on a nerve that went into his arm..
    Id get it checked out

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    I have the same issue with my appendectomy scar. Its been 5 years now maybe a bit longer. Its really bad when it gets pinched..ouch!!

    If you are really worried though just have a chat to you dr, at least you will feel reassured if all is ok, otherwise if not it can be sorted out.

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