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Thread: co sleeping: toddler + newborn

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    Default co sleeping: toddler + newborn

    Hi All. Wondering what your thoughts and experiences or suggestions are?

    Kai has always slept in our bed. He goes to sleep in his cot, but ends up in our bed at some point (used to be around 4am, but at the moment he's unsettled from 1030ish).

    BBC2 is due in 5 weeks and I am torn between keeping Kai in our bed to give him stability and reassurance when his sibling arrives; and wanting to give BBC2 the same love and security that Kai has had. Kai is not really one for giving anyone else room in the bed, so we couldn't all fit in! And getting a bigger bed isn't an option.

    We've kindof decided to get Kai his first 'proper' bed and one of us will sleep with him when he wants it, but a part of me feels sad that the family will be split up this way. I guess it's only short-term but . . . .

    Thanks for your input!

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    I used to sleep in the middle of them, my eldest sounds a little like yours atm. Can you put the cot right up next to the bed with the side down?

    My partner slept on the couch ha ha ha, theres me snuggled blissfully between the babies!

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