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Thread: Glandular Fever & my 7yrDD

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    Hi again - my dr has told me it takes at least 3 months for energy levels to return and then reocurrences for up to a year. My son started eating again about week 4 and getting some colour in cheeks only this week. He also had blood test but we ended up having to go to hospital and have people hold him down to get the blood. As all his lymph nodes and glands were up and he was listless they were looking for more sinister diseases so I was (almost) relieved when it was "only" glandular fever. Blood test showed his liver count was a little high but now seems OK. I am returning to dr later this week just for a check up and to see if glands and lymph nodes are down. He has presented with a fever again today!!! Dr also said if they return to normal activities too early it can make the initial symptoms return!!! Am trying hard but anyone with a 5 year old boy knows it is hard to keep them still...

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    Default liver pain in glandular fever

    Is liver pain a fairly common symptom in glandular fever?

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    Not sure if pain is common but I was told that the liver and kidneys can be affected. Not sure if I have already written this or not, but my friend and I had it at the same time many years ago. I got a shocking kidney infection and she had liver trouble. Best to go see your GP.

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