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    Default Gestational Diabetes & Diet

    I'm just wondering for those of you who have had or currently have GD, what does your average day consist of food-wise? I'm just interested to know.....

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    Hi Mel

    Mine is/was as follows;

    Burgen bread toast, Porridge or Fibre Plus Cereal for breakfast

    Burgen bread meat and salad sandwich, Meat and Salad or Vita Wheat crackers with toppings such as egg, cheese, tomato etc for lunch

    Dinner was mostly salad and meat, a casserole or curry etc

    I avoided potato, other breads, biscuits, cakes, rice and many fruits as they made my blood sugars rise rapidly and they still affect me now. I also have severe insulin resistance now so have to watch what I eat.

    An excellent book on all the "ins and outs" is The New Glucose Revolution.

    Hope this helps - feel free to pm me if you want more details


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    Jennifer Guest



    I have been told to eat 6 small meals per day to keep my blood sugar levels at a balanced level.

    I eat Oats in the morning, with skim milk, morning tea i have yoghurt and a apple or nuts, then a whole grain ham and salad sandwich for lunch followed by more yoghurt and fruit, then steak and veg for tea or something similar.

    I just filed my test so, i was told that the 6 meals may hold my sugar levels stable. I didnt very differently before i found out, although i thought that fruit juice was good for you, but was told they contain high levels of sugar. So i drink water and milk. Maybe a little juice mixed in with a glass of water if i am feeling down.

    Hope this helps!!!

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