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Thread: Presents for hospital visitors after birth

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    Cool Presents for hospital visitors after birth

    I'm 34 weeks and 3 days and I was just wondering if it's a good idea to give a little present for people who come to visit me / meet the baby in the hospital?

    What would you recommend? wording on presents? what do you write in the little card?

    Any ideas?
    Thank you for your help!!


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    ummm lovley idea but if its not a cultural tradition for you most people would be what the if you gave them a gift

    but if you do want to maybe get hubby to race out and print of a few pictures of bub just after birth and have thanks for comign to visit me and his/her details on the back

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    For those that gave us gifts at the hospital I sent them of photo of Zander with a little thank you note.

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    Hi ! Thanks for your reply

    I'm from a latin-american country and in my country it's a custom to give a little pressie for the people that visit the mother and baby just like "thank you" .

    I put the post here as I'm not really sure if it's something that is done in Australia :-)

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