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Thread: special xmas present for my mum?

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    Question special xmas present for my mum?

    My mum has been an amazing help to us this year and I really want to thank her with a special xmas gift.

    But she is soooooo hard to buy for!

    Any ideas on something really different and special for under $100??

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    Giving the gift of life to a friend..


    Get some photo's of Mason for her framed up with maybe a poem or something to say how much you appreciate her help???


    A voucher for a restaurant, so she can ahve a night out..

    A massage voucher?

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    what sort of things does your mum like Danni? are you wanting something from yourself and DH, or something more from Mason?

    things my SIL and I discussed for my mum were:
    - digital photo frame (Bro has three kids, so she'd always have new pics)
    - candle set (with a poem of thanks similar to what you got for M's godparents)
    - voucher for a day of pampering (massage/facial)
    - pamper pack (candles/aromatherapy stuff/oil burner/aroma melts/bath bombs etc)

    i know how hard it is to find unique things - i think sometime putting your expression of gratitude on the card you give means more than the actual gift itself...

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    My mum has been fantastic this year, helping out and babysitting aricyn one day a week since he was 12 weeks old - without complaint and fighting with my stepfather to let her do it. Since we don't have a lot of money, I chipped in with my brother and sister and we got her one of those photo frames that have pics doing a slideshow type thing. We brought a cheapish memory card and I put pics of Aricyn, my sisters two kids and my brothers three kids on it. So now when she opens it at xmas and turns it on, she will have a slideshow of all her grandkids. It was about $45 each for all of us to do this. Don't know if that helps you at all :-)

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    All great suggestions so mine isn't that good but what about a magazine subscription for her fav mag?? My sis is getting my mum the BH&G one!

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    As BG said ... a digital photo frame. I just bought Shane's Mum a one today. I am going to put photos of our wedding and Oscar etc on it for her. I got mine for $99 then I had to buy a SD card though which was $20.

    If I think of anything else I'll let you know

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    I have made my mum a cross stich so maybe make something from the heart... or a massage voucher

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    gold class tickets at village cinemas??

    facial or any beauty treatment??


    girt card to he fav store??

    take her out to lunch with you and her??

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    We got the digital photo frame for the inlaws....LOL they are popular this year aren't they.

    As we live so far from my parents they are getting a web cam so they can chat to DS so he knows who they are.

    I like the Mag subscription too, often there is a mag you really enjoy to read & don't always get to it. But if it's delivered then even better. about a canvas print of Mason, or of a family pic you've had taken (i've seen some nice ones!!), they are popular ATM too.

    or...(he,he) I would like to do this but don't live near Kmart. You can go instore with a memory stick or cd with pics on it. Choose how you want them laid out on the page & print out all fancy & they will put album cover on it all for about $40 I think. It's just like digital scrapbooking.

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    I like the idea of a poem, framed and maybe put Mason's handprint or footprint in the corner?
    Something like, "thank you nanna (or whatever) for being there for me, to give me cuddles and to help out mummy"


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    My sister's doing a cactus garden for my mum...she's always wanted one, but never got around to it, so sis bought the stuff and is gonna do it before Christmas.

    What's she into? Does she cook? How about a massive long planter with all herbs planted in it? So it can be kept just outside a door, and she can grab herbs whenever she wants?

    Do they have a deck/veranda of some sort? How about a hammock chair? Perfect and relaxing for summer. Good for swings and snuggles with grandkids too.

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    maybe a hamper or something would be good! merry xmas

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    We put together photos & video of Zander (including his ultrasound video) onto a DVD with some nice music for Zander's first Christmas. My mum loved it & she even cried!! It was a little bit time consuming, but something that was very sentimental for her.

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