As the title says are there any other caravaning families here on BB?

We`re very new to the caravaning world but are loving it, we`re taking off again this weekend for 3 days

We got into the caravan world after going away for 2 weeks in SIL`s very old camper trailer type caravan (this was in Aug/Sept 07), it wasn`t the best to set up and pull down and by the end of the 2 weeks there were holes all over the canvas due to lack of use over the years so when it was used it just tore.

We then thought well this would be a great way just to get away as a family once a month, also an outlet for DH who has been suffering from depression so after searching for what we`d like we came across a very cheap van on ebay, well below RRP and it was virtually new only been used to travel 1500kms and 1 year old so we grabbed it while we saw it - we weren`t expecting to buy one until sometime next year.

So are there any other families out there enjoying the great outdoors?