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Thread: How do I plan a holiday?!?

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    Default How do I plan a holiday?!?

    Seriously, how do I plan a holiday? It seems like such a huge task! I'm sure things will fall into place, but I feel a little overwhelmed right now!

    Dh has been given the whole month between Dec 21st and Jan 21st off, which is great, except it's peak holiday time! What if I can't find anywhere to stay? We're thinking of a week and a half or so in early to mid January in Tasmania...we've never been there! Is that dumb, cos I'll be what, 6-7 months pregnant.

    Please - how do you guys plan holidays? Where do you start? I just need some guidance!!

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    There is always somewhere to stay!
    I usually start with trusty old google and have a look at where I might want to go.
    Then I jump on wotif, expedia, webjet etc to cost it and figure out a rough itinary.

    I noticed an expedia banner just a few minutes ago so you might be able to click through from here.

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    Hey Nelle

    Why don't you just go to a travel agent? Things aren't really that much cheaper on the net & it saves you the trouble.

    Enjoy & hope you have a lovely holiday.

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