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Thread: Should we express milk when weaning?

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    Default Should we express milk when weaning?

    Hi All,

    I am trying to wean my DD off and doing it slowly. Just wondering if I should express milk while I am weaning her and should I express the whole breast? will that increase my suppy instead of decrease it?

    What is hte best way to wean DD off without developing mastitis (again)


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    Hi phoenix
    Remember milk works in a demand-supply method

    So if you are trying ot wean and therefore decrease supply slowly i wouldnt be expressing on top as your body will continue to produce enough for the feeds and the expressing thus defeating the process of weaning.

    However if you get very full then you can express a little just to make you comfortable (not the whole breast!) and leave it at that

    With DD we weaned quickly - in 3 days..
    ANd my supply dried up in 7 days

    I got very lumpy and full obviously but i would do regular massage in the shower which would leak small amounts of milk to make me comfy - cold compresses etc.

    I did express once as it was really painful but only enough to be comfy and that was it.

    i didnt develop mastitis.

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    Phoenix, the best way to wean is slowly, dropping one feed at a time every week or so. It sounds like you are doing this already. When weaning slowly like that, you would not normally need to express. The thing is to be in tune with your bbs - if they are getting hard, sore and lumpy, either give an extra feed (a small one!) or express just enough off to be comfortable. You might also need to slow the weaning down a bit to stop it happening again. But more than likely if you are weaning slowly you will be fine and not need to express. GL.

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    Thanks for the input, greatly appreciate it!
    I will definately miss breast feeding DD!!!!

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