thread: Tips for returning fertility

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    Tips for returning fertility

    I have a seven month old demand-fed boy and have had no signs that my period is returning. Ben sleeps from 7:30am-7:30pm and has done for two months now. He sleeps in his own cot in his own room (ie we don't co-sleep). He started solids four weeks ago, but hasn't shown any indication of dropping or reducing feeds during the day. It may seem selfish to want another child so soon, but my work situation is such that it would actually benefit Ben in the long run if I could be pregnant before returning to work in April. My question is, is there any way to encourage my fertility to return or is it just the luck of the draw? I should be clear that I am not open to weaning, and Benny won't take EBM so that's off the cards too! I guess I'm looking for a magic cure of sorts!

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    DisGirl - unfortunately I don't have an answer but I too am hoping for a magic cure I am sitting in the same position as you (except for the sleeping through and co sleeping ) and I would love to be pregnant sooner rather than later but I don't think it will happen considering our need for assistance with our two previous pregnancies. Good luck

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    Thanks Michelle. And if I find a magic solution, I'll let you know for sure

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    DisGirl - there's a chance you may be fertile quite soon if Ben is sleeping thru the night. My ob told me the only way bfing was reliable for preventing pg (provided there are no other probs) is while you're bfing 2-3 hrly consistently. I imagine it would be different for every person and I am someone whose new baby started (demand) feeding 6 hrly overnight from a few weeks of age. My period was bang on time four weeks after the lochia stopped.

    I'm sure there are some tips around here for trying to fall pg while bfing, let me have a look...

    There's a thread for those TTC and breastfeeding > TTC & Breastfeeding ~ July 07 - April 08

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    I've only just had my first AF and Caleb is 15 months old!

    He has been having feds overnight on and off. While he was having a sleeping through episode I noticed things like changes in my CM patterns and the occasional wopping zit (hormonal pimples are the biggest sign for me) then the monkey would go through a waking episode and my symptoms would dissapear!

    I think that if you are wanting TTC then really keep an eye on any changes to your mucous pattern. That is the biggest sign that your fertility is eturning.
    You should take note of how it looks for a week or two then ANY CHANGE can indicate you are fertile. Don't jut look for the eggwhite stuff as it may be scarce due to the prolactin hormones.

    Study the Billings Method as it has a chapter just for b/f.

    I use Billings as a birth control method and find the book invaluable

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    Hey Disgirl, I'm right with you on this one! Our boy is 5 months and we are talking about another one due to work issues and age etc. Angus has also slept through for about 10 weeks now, before that he slept through 6 nights out of 7 since 10 wks old. But no sign of anything returning. Raven - thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.

    Is there any point in buying pg tests and using them now at all? We do use the mini pill but I've heard it isn't that reliable if your baby sleeps through?

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    I have heard that often taking the pill can kickstart your cycles to return. But seems your BFing & don't plan to wean (good for you!) talk to your GP about it & only take the mini pill if you decide to try it.

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    Thank for the replies everbody and thanks for the link to the TTC thread Jennifer

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    i am also thinking what you're thinkinh
    dd has been having 4th hourly feeds and sleeping thru from 9pm-6am for the past month and AF yet.......

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    hey hey
    my baby slept through at 5 weeks for months and months and I didnt get AF back she has now started waking for a feed again so maybe that reversed things??

    are you guys sure that the minipill can bring on AF?? I think i will ask my doctor about that....

    i have been TTC for a while now and figure if i'm lucky i'll catch the first egg...... i do a pg test every month or so or when my previous pregnancy symptoms pop up (pimples, sore boobs, extreme tiredness)

    i also dont want to wean just to get AF back

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