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Thread: What should we wear in a Mosque?

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    Default What should we wear in a Mosque?

    Hi everyone,

    Most of the people from my faculty at work are planning to go to the Open Day at the Mosque in Auburn on Sunday. We're really looking forward to seeing it - particularly DH and I, who have lived in a close suburb for years. We've always wanted to go, but it was always at the wrong time until now (ironically when we are now moving out of this suburb).

    I just want to make sure that we dress appropriately so that we do not offend.

    The women are going to bring scarves to wear on their heads. My friend told me we should also wear slip on shoes so we can take them off easily.

    Should the women wear clothes that go to the wrist and ankle? Are skirts ok, or are pants better?

    What should the men wear?

    (I'm sorry that this is all about clothes - I am hoping that seeing the Mosque will have a similar spiritual feel to that of other significant spiritual places we have been to and I don't want to make other people uncomfortable by dressing the wrong way).

    Thanks in advance

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    I live just near the Gallipoli Mosque. Last time I was there Yasin did a giant, resounding fart right in the middle of prayer lol.
    You can't wear shoes in the mosque so it's better to wear some that you can get on and off easily.
    I usually wear a skirt if I'm going to the Mosque but long pants would be fine too. Muslim women usually cover to the wrist.
    Men also have to remove thier shoes and should cover to below thier knees and obviously wear a shirt preferably not a really tight one. You'll notice that some guys also cover thier head with a skull cap or similar.
    If you see someone doing thier prayer it's best not to walk in front of them and also if you introduce yourself to anyone of the opposie gender it's best not to shake thier hand.
    i think that you'll find that everyone there will respect your differances but I'm sure that they will also appreiciate you making the effort to be respectful.

    I hope you enjoy yourself.

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    LOL about Yasin! Great timing huh?

    Thanks for the info about clothing and also respect for prayers etc.

    I'll pass this on to my friends.

    Should be really interesting!

    PS I always thought that we lived near each other - I'm on the other side of Auburn towards Berala. I'm going to miss this place when we move.

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