thread: Planned pregnancy at 19

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    I think that is great that you are going to start TTC!!

    I am 22 in 5 days and DH is 23....we consider ourselves young, but its what we both want. As long as you are happy thats the main thing

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    Ellibam Guest

    Good luck tamara
    i had always had an age limit of when i would start my family( even before i met Ben. df 24) of 22 either by getting married or having our first child.
    When we set our wedding date of nov 12 05 i thought thats ok is a couple of months after my 23rd i could handle that. but all my wishing worked our little one is due 30th of aug and my 23rd is the 8th sept so if it comes on time i will still be 22.
    i am so excited as you will be too when you get there to!!
    so just keep doing what you want to do!!

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    tiggy Guest

    Hi Girls,

    I just wanted to say, I think that it doesn't matter what age you are when you start ttc, so long as it is right for you and DP then you should go for it. I got married when I was 20 and DH was 21. We started trying for a baby on our honey moon. My father was much the same (even though he and Mum were quite young when i came along) as alot of your parents, said i would be wrecking my life and that money and a career were more important than any baby. I disagreed with him but was still scared of his reactions. As it turned out it took us three and a half long years and two miscarriages before we brought our first set of twinnies into the world. i was bordering on 24 and I was STILL considered young by the midwives!!
    One thing I have learnt in this journey, is that people will make their judgements, no matter what and you just have to learn to take on board the things that can help you along the way.
    Like Kelly, it wasn't until the birth of the twins that i decided to become a midwife. I was halfway through nursing and I finished that, worked for a few years and then did my midwifery diploma. You can have everything that those people say that you will be sacrificing if you have children. We take the kids away witth us on Holidays and it's fun.They make our lives full. I can't imagine it being any other way.

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    If you're ready

    If you feel you are ready then age shouldn't be an issue.

    So long as you have the means to provide for a child then don't worry about anyone else.

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    danij Guest


    I thought id add to this discussion.

    I'm currently 19, and me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 2 yrs. So i definatly know all the critasism people get, especially when i was diagnosed with pcos last yr and need help in "getting pregnant".

    Through my experience each new doctor i see as soon as they learn my age their attitude changes to the "there's no rush on things she's plenty young". They just make you feel like a little child, but with everyone out there, everyone has had a different upbringing, as the only girl in the house and 9 brothers i was raised to stay at home and look after the group. My mother was a stay at home house wife and in which I learnt to be as well.

    It's a real pain in the a** really, but don't let anyone discourage you no matter how young you feel, they only thing that should influence you is

    A) are you in a stable relationship.
    B) Both partners want a child, and it's not just something to keep the relationship going.
    C) You know what's going to be involved, the lack of personal time, early morning feeding, diapers etc.
    D) Cost. My personal beleifs are, if you can't support yourself, you can't support a baby, centrelink shouldn't be counted on for a means of a replacement job. I now live in a small rural community where that is the main means of income. And then, go window shopping, make a list of everything you will need to buy and calculate if you could actually afford it, if not i'd definatly think twice.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    I've been reading your posts here with interest, since I'm not in the same situation and wondered what it was like for everyone.

    I totally agree that the most important thing is a committed relationship, some stability (I can't believe some of you have already taken on mortgages, etc - you obviously have got it together LOL!), and the travel/careers thing is complete bubkus (sp?)!

    I can assure you that at 28, I did not spend the last 10 years travelling and partying either. It just isn't for everyone (and I'd love to know how many of those people who tell you to did it themselves). I did finish my degree and focus on my career a little - but mainly with the intention of working myself into a situation where I could work part-time from home as a consultant. And that didn't take until I was in my 30s!

    My DP and I have been together almost 6 years and this bubs was not planned, but we are both as happy as can be. We got together when I was 22 and I've been working towards having this family since then! Even back then, we spent most of our time at home and when we took holidays, it wasn't to party and go overseas.

    People should stop telling everyone else what to do. Kids need loving parents and happy homes. Full stop.

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    Mummy2Charla Guest

    Hi guys,

    I first fell pg a few weeks before my 16th birthday and quits school only to miscarry the week after I quit.

    I tried returning to school but found it had as I knew that what I was studying wasn't interesting to me anymore.

    I moved to the country with my parents and met my DH a month before my 17th birthday.

    We had talked about wanting children and getting married. DH was going to propose to me on our 6 month anniversary but I found out I was pg after only being together 5 months (unplanned as I was on the pill).

    We soon realised that this is what we wanted and were getting really excited. I miscarried when I was 10 weeks pg. We decided to get married on our baby's due date.

    Whilst planning our wedding I became pg again (only a month before the wedding day) but miscarried again 1 week after finding out. We got married 26 days after my 18th birthday.

    4 months after getting married I fell pg again and was terrified I was going to miscarry so I was under alot of supervision by my ob until I was 12 weeks.

    Now we have a very gorgeous daughter who is our little miracle child. She was born 1 year and 1 month to the date after our first child was due and when we got married.

    I am so happy with my choice to get married young and have a family. My family is my life and I would be lost without my husband or my daughter.

    If you feel like having a baby is what you both want, then I say go for it, and don't worry about what anyone says. It is your life and you know what is best for you.

    Good luck with TTC and I will send some baby dust your way.

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    lizza Guest

    This place is so encouraging! =D> Its so good to hear from other young mums or mums to be! I am 24yrs and 30 weeks pregas with 2nd bub. I had Matthew when I was 20. I love being a mum, I really believe that falling pregas with Matthew saved me from myself and in a way saved my life.
    DP and I had only been together for 3months. He wanted me to have an abortion, but I just knew that this was a blessing. Our relationship has been rocky to say the least- I think that he feels that I took away his choices about when he wanted to start a family. Being a young parent is hard especially when you feel like you are on a different planet to your partner.
    To cut a long story short, we broke up when Matt was 3months old and I did the single mum thing for 2years. That was hard even with a supportive family!!
    We have been back together for a year now and I'm glad that Matt wont remember those first few turbulent years.
    DP is a really good dad but our relationship is still rocky at the best of times. Being pregnant again is great. I cant wait to have another little Matty running around. If I had a supportive partner I would love to have heaps of kids!! Please let me know if there is anyone else with similar thoughts or experiences