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thread: Younger Couples Chat ~ December 2007 #2

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2008
    In beautiful chaos!

    sorry my computer froze up and sent it twice stupid thing!

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    DP and i were trying, but not we were going to 100% actively try not too long after we concieved, and i started charting my cycles the cycle we got PG, we also stocked up on a few goodies to help us know when i ovulated etc. DP says he has a feeling we are going to be the ppl that just needa look at eachother and we will fall pregnant, it seems to run in both of our families, so we might just needa be extra extra careful!!
    Sally, galleria is where i would have suggested, im not too familiar with carousel and midland.

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    Oct 2007
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    DP & I werent actively trying to conceive, but i wasnt on anything and we werent using protection, so bub wasnt planned but she wasnt a mistake either. DP had been living in QLD from Feb-April on his own and i joined him once i finished my apprenticeship in April so it turns out i had been here 2 weeks when i fell pregnant but didnt find out until i was 6 weeks along. We were going to discuss starting a family once i finished my apprenticeship but nature had its own idea hehe.

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    Jan 2008
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    Welcome Kass!!

    Me and DF were TTC nearly a year and after 1 M/C we are fianally here and cant wait.
    I have always wanted to have kids in my early 20s, and I must admit I was hoping it would be sooner. Spose good things come to those who wait!

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    Nov 2006

    welcome to the new ones!!

    DD was a suprise but only cos we didnt use protection for 2 years and we never fell pregnant then, we always knew it was a possibilty and we were so happy when we found out she was a very welcomed suprise again bub2 was a welcomed suprise, but we didnt think it would happen so soon! but we are so happy once our prince is born our family will be complete.

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    Jan 2008
    In beautiful chaos!

    thanx all 4 yr answers i love 2 hear others stories so if u have anymore good or bad that u want 2 share or have any question 4 me just let me know.

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    mummycate Guest

    Welcome Kass!

    My XP and I were TNTC and with me working 40+ hours a week and always tired, I miscounted my cycle and along came Elouise. I had just started a traineeship and she was due before my graduation. I had planned to have kids before 25 because of family history of ovarian cysts. Mum had benign, her mum had malignant. I get ultrasounds about 1-2 years to keep an eye on mine.

    Man you lot gasbag! Last night I was up to date at page nine and now we're on page eleven! In one day! Hmm, dinner's cooking. I'm hungry.

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    Jan 2008
    In beautiful chaos!

    hey mummycate ur little sunshine is beautiful and so much hair Annabelle looks bald coz the hair she does have is very blonde, she hasn't got much.....hehe.
    Well i guess if it was that easy 2 conceieve she really wanted 2 come in2 the world, how luckey u r that u mis counted ur cycle.
    How do u know u have cysts im always worried about things like that.
    Also a shout out 2 anyone that can help with this one..........pap smears i have an extream case of not being able 2 get it done any suggestions? Well any doctor put me asleep 4 it, thats how bad i am.

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    New thread time guys. Gee you fly through the posts in here!

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