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thread: The Cost involved with IVF

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    Sep 2006
    Beaudesert, QLD

    hey beau

    just thought i would let you know that i am going to be doing ivf with monash in rocky as well and i rang them the other day as money is an issue with us, plus we dont have private health and they said that i can do a prepayment which is more or less like paying the gap, she told me it will cost me around $4500 for an icsi cycle and that includes the doctors fee, which i think is pretty good and then the other thing you have to pay for is the day surgery fee which is at the hill crest and she said it will be around $1000-$1500 but that includes both the egg pick up and the egg transfer which is pretty good. so i have done a rough estimate at how much i would need and it works out to be around the $6000 mark to do a complete cycle,

    if you want feel free to pm me at any time if you feel like a chat
    also just give them a call thats all i did and they were great, i told them money was a bit of a problem and thats when she told me about the prepayment thing, which isnt to bad, any of the money you get back from medicare goes straight to them and you pay what medicare doesnt cover. doing it this way is going to help my situation and is going to allow me to do an actually cycle this yr instead of waiting till next yr

    hope this has helped

    take care

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    this is an update price list from sivf

    home > cost of treatment > our current fees

    cost of treatment
    in this section...
    Our fees explained
    Our current fees
    Medicare covered services Print this page

    Related Info
    Sydney IVF contracted health funds
    Our current fees
    Services out-of-pocket costs
    Fees current as of 1st November, 2007
    Treatment Initial cycle payment Initial day surgery payment* Out of pocket after applicable Medicare & health fund insurance rebates**
    IVF $7,442.00 $0 - $1,491 $1,525.49 - $3,863.45
    ICSI $7,772.10 $0 - $1,491 $1,525.49 - $3,863.45
    Frozen Embryo Transfer $2,844.00 $0 - $521 $413.96 - $1,781.92
    Stimulated IUI $1,941.00 $245 $534.81 - $1,381.77

    Please ensure you have a current referral from your GP in order to claim from Medicare.
    * Day surgery initial payment is subject to level of health fund cover

    then we paid 1200 for epu and $5oo for transfer
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    Oct 2005
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    thank-you for your replys.
    yeah we don't have any health insurance either mummy2chloe, but we joined the medicare safety net and we got some helpful information regarding costs etc from the hillcrest ladies last week and they were absolutely fantastic. we got a mountain of reading and some really good, professional advice.
    when we go to our appoint next month i will def talk to the doc about it all and i think prepaying it the way you said will definately help us out a bit also.
    i must say we've been a little overwhelmed and nervous lately but it was lovely for Dh and i to see all the beautiful ivf babies photos on the wall in the doctors office.
    good luck to you all.

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    Jul 2008

    Have realised how very lucky we are going through Repromed here in Adelaide. The final out of pocket expense for an IVF cycle is maximum of $1804 which includes everything associated with the cylce. Freezing our embryos is about $400 for six months (but don't quote me on that I can't quite remember or find the literature...)

    Thus far we have nothing but accolades for the staff at Repromed - they are very warm and caring and definitely don't treat you like a number. I've heard some not so good stories (mainly USA based) where couples are treated very poorly and don't feel like they really matter - especially once the money is paid!

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    Sep 2008

    hi ya all we are going to go though westmead they are cheaper then they are in qld.
    we are going to try and do ours in jan next year


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    Sep 2008

    I am with IVF Australia anyone else with them?
    I am 4 days into my 1st ivf cycle

    my first cycle cost $4898 inc ICSI & medications - paid up front can claim from m/c when cycle finished

    hospital will cost $800 for harvesting and $400 for inplant if you are not covered by private insurance if you are just you excess is all that you need to pay.

    the anathesitist is between $200 - $300 out of pocket

    got any advice for me just started my nasal spray i feel like i am getting a head cold is that common

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    Jan 2007
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    I Dont normaly reply to thease ones but i did get very confused when a few ppl from other sites tried explaining the total costs of IVF to me just so i'd know how much the Loan, so hopefully i will enlighten anyone else who still doesnt understand.
    Sorry if i repeat anyone, havnt realy read everything in this thread. But i'll get there
    Tess - Thanks for that, they are pretty much the same as our recent costs.
    We are with Monash IVF (Clayton) Victoria.
    Now to those who i was refering to,
    YES, you do have a ONE-OFF fee to pay to your clinic, NO you cannot "Pay it off"
    The fee will not cover some costs such as, hospital stay and other things done in the hospital ie. egg collection, Embryo transfer and generally other things that you would think your BIG fee to the clinic would cover but unfortunatly they are seperate.
    The only two other costs that i can think of that would contribute to IVF being a total of something like $8000-$15000 would be:
    1) pre-costs by order, initial investigation appointments, samples for testing, Blood tests, FS appointments, Once off IVF resistration fee.
    2) Hospital costs (As mentioned before) But can add up between $800-$1200 Without any private insurance.

    Our Costs, and future costs.(After Investigation etc..)
    IVF Registration: About $134
    Initial Pre-Payment of cycle start (IVF /w ICSI): $4793.25
    (ICSI alone: $127)
    Hospital: Egg collection $600, anathesitist $400
    Post BT + Ultrasound: About $180
    Post FS appointment: $90
    All Up: $6197.25
    The Gift: Priceless!
    Hope some of this info helps some people still stuck, it is a daunting process but dont dispare, the information evenings and nurse appointments etc. help greatly and will explain any questions you may have.
    Best of luck to ALL, and goodluck and well wishes to every new comer coming into the IVF process.

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    Jan 2007

    Latest prices Perth clinics

    Have got a couple of new price lists sent to me so thought I would pop them up in case anyone is after them.

    For anyone comparing costs between clinics, make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. At some clinics you will pay extra if you need different or additional drugs than normal, for growing to blastocyst or for embryo storage, whereas other clinics include this in their fees.

    Concept Fertility Centre
    At KEMH, but moving at the end of the year - rumour has it prices will increase with the move

    IVF - $5000
    ICSI - $750
    Assisted Hatching - $400
    Blastocyst culture - $750
    Embryo freezing - $450
    Semen preparation - 60

    Frozen Embryo Transfer - $1750
    Assisted Hatching - $400
    Blastocyst culture - $750

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    Jul 2009

    A very important factor if you don't pay in full before the end of the year the new medicare budget means that from January 2010 there is NO medicare assistance for infertility treatment. Not well advertised that that was put in the budget this year but it makes it all the more expensive with all cost now being out of pocket! As if it wasn't stressful enough now added financial pressure.

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    Hi Jasminstar
    The Medicare Safety Net will still be in operation for IVF/AC/ART from January 2010, however, certain procedures will be capped so there may be an increase in out of pocket costs for those at clinics that charge above the calculated median prices. There is a thread about it HERE with more information. See the later posts for the best up to date information.

    Also see information on the estimated caps HERE.
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    Jul 2009

    Hi Dusty,

    Thanks for that. i have friends going through the same thing and they are also unaware that there is only a reduction in cover. I will pass on the info. When i looked up the new budget rules I found no real clear information and read into it that nothing was to be covered anymore.

    Thanks again,

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    Apr 2007
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    No worries hun, it has been very confusing and quite stressful for us LTers to work out. Luckily we can combine minds and knowledge and sort out the facts and implications
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    Feb 2010

    Does any one have an update for this thread?

    I was just wondering if anyone has an update for this thread since all the new medicare costs have come into play.

    We have been trying too work out if IVF-ICSI will be affordable for us. We are going through QFG.

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    Jul 2009

    Hi NuttyJodie,

    Sorry but aside from the link from Dusty below I am not sure where to find info on this. Your clinic should be able to supply the estimates for you if you ask. I know my place had everything worked out in advance. We still ended up out of pocket quite a bit but at least we were kinda prepared. Good luck - I hope it all works out for you
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    Jan 2010


    I was just wondering if anyone has an update for this thread since all the new medicare costs have come into play.

    We have been trying too work out if IVF-ICSI will be affordable for us. We are going through QFG.
    i would like to know the same thing. We are going through QFG in Townsville.

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    Jan 2010

    Your clinic should be able to provide all the information. It should show what your cost will be before the safety net and after. The only difference between last year and this is:
    1. Your 1st stim cycle in a calendar year is more expensive than any subsequent stim cycle in a calendar year regardless of if you have reached the safety net (although it is cheaper if you have reached the safety net than if you have not).
    2. There is a cap to the rebate available - you still get up to 80% gap back if you have reached the safety net, however this is up to a set cap. This means if your clinic isn't ripping you off, you shouldn't be any worse off than prior to Jan 1.

    Hope this helps - this is my understanding, haven't yet got my refund for my 1st cycle this year though!

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    For the girls wanting to know QFG prices see below I just went through them

    Prices for QFG are as follows :

    Once off Administration fee $185 (this must be paid and its a lifetime admin fee)

    Standard IVF is $6300
    IVF/ICSI $6710

    Embryo Storage after 6 months (first 6 free) $150

    Progesterone and Crinone plus FSH and Ovidrel are included in your IVF / IVF ICSI cycle

    Dr's fees are approx $770 (though if in private health included in GAP fee at Day Theatre)

    Day Theatres Fees:

    Uninsured Patients:
    IVF $852
    GIFT $852
    Embryo Transfer $ 268 with anaesthetic $336
    PROST $465

    Insured Patients - Day Theatre will invoice your health fund and you pay any excess/co-payment on the day.
    Anaesthetic for that day $450 (this bill will come after)

    And Please note due to new medicare capping the max you will get for an IVF cycle is $4,420.90 so no matter if you pay $7000, $20 000, etc etc the max they will payout it $4,420.90
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    Feb 2010

    Thanks Miss K.

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