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thread: The Cost involved with IVF

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    Jan 2007

    You guys are lucky, our clinic used to have $0 out of pocket for ICSI, but since Jan 1 they have put the price up to $740 so $330 out of pocket each time.... grrr!

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    Mar 2006
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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the information you have given. However, I find all these costs confusing, especially with private insurance and medicare factored in as well.

    Ok.. here is my situation. I have mild endometriosis diagnosed nearly 2 years ago when I had my endometrioma removed during a laparoscopy. I had 6 months of Synarel and then it took about 3 months before I got my period back. So, I've been TTC since about Mar/Apr '07. I know most of you might think that 1 year of trying isn't very long, but at nearly 32, I really don't want to be wasting too much time trying. I've been on several cycles of clomid, maybe 4 or 5, nothing has happened. I've even tried chinese herbal medicine. Now, I've gotten to the point where I've had enough of it, I've stopped clomid and the chinese herbs and just gone back to usual.

    I was seeing a doctor at Monash IVF, but since I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere, I've since changed over to QFG and had my first appointment with my new doctor there. He gave me a few options, and ultimately it is our decision to make. I could have a salpingo/hysterogram, 2nd look laparoscopy or just go straight to IVF. After a bit of thought and also advice from a few friends at work who've been through it, going straight to IVF instead of wasting time and money on the other procedures seemed the way to go.

    So, here is where I am confused. As far as I know I have basic pregnancy and hospital cover with HCF. Taking that into account and also the medicare rebate, what would it cost in total, and what would my out-of-pocket likely be? And let's say if i didn't have any private health cover, how much would my OOP be then? I am really confused how much medicare covers in terms of IVF. I've tried looking it up on the internet, but I can't seem to find anything in plain english. Perhaps someone here might know.

    I would really appreciate any help. Thank you very much in advance.


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    Nov 2005
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    To be perfectly honest private health makes very little difference where IVF is concerned. The only real benefit of PHI is that you can choose to have the egg pick up done in a private hospital. We have top of the line PHI and the only part of the IVF treatment we use it for is the Hospital admission and assoicated surgeons and anaestheists cost for the egg pick up. Medicare is responsible for determining the rebates on all the other costs of the cycle and PHI is not liable for any of that. So you will be out of pocket anywhere from Approx $1500 upwards on a stim cycle is my best guess. The costs go up from there if you add in special procedures like ICSI or PGD where your out of pocket is as much as $5000 a cycle.
    Without knowing what the fees are at your particular clinic and what type of IVF you are having it is really hard to give an accurate answer. there may be someone on here who has dealt with QFG before who can be more specific.

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    Jan 2004

    Do you have the brochure from QFG with all the paperwork? In it there is a sheet with the expected out of pocket costs, from memory it was (before their increase this year) around $1800 OOP with PHI for a stim cycle - not including any excess you have with your PHI. That figure does not take into account the safety net. So if you have already reached it or are part way there, you will possibly be out of pocket less. We were somewhere around $1400-$1500 OOP with our stim cycle before they had their 6% increase.

    Goodluck with everything


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    Feb 2008

    Hi Elaine,

    First thing you need to make sure is that you are registered for your Medicare Safety Net. This ensures that after your out of pocket expenses in a calander year meet $1,058.70, you start to get 80% of out of pocket costs back.

    At MIVF a stimulated cycle costs approximately $2,800 up front (you need to be able to cover this cost until about 2 weeks after your cycle finishes). If you have already reached your safety net, your out of pocket expenses will be approximately $670 after Medicare have applied the safety net. Not covered under this is the cost for Syneral and the admission to hospital for egg pick up, pretty much everything else is covered. The cost for the bed at Freemasons is $700 and this is where your private health insurance kicks in. You should be able to get a item number for that procedure from the accounts department at your clinic. Best thing to do is ring your health insurer and ask if they cover that item number.

    You should be able to make an appointment with someone in the accounts department who will be able to run through all the costs with you as each clinic is different and I believe that MIVF is one of the cheaper ones.

    Janie x

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    Mar 2006
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    Thanks Melbel, Nic and Janie71,

    This morning I have already registered me and my husband under the Medicare safety net. One ticked. I rang HCF and since I only have basic hospital and pregnancy cover, any reproductive services are not covered. So I may as well have no cover at this point, and I am not going to wait the 12 month waiting period.

    When I rang QFG, the lady there said that if I did not have any cover, I would look at being $3295 out-of-pocket. I am not sure though whether that includes any medicare cover. By the way, what is the medicare safety net amount for the calendar year for IVF related procedures.

    Anyway, I have made an appointment with the IVF nurse at QFG this coming wednesday. So I hope all goes well.

    Another question, how long does the drug preparation take before the doctor can do the egg pickup. And does menstrual cycle play a part in when you commence your medications?

    Thanks again,

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    Elaine, The amount QFG told you, you would be OOP, do you know if that includes your bed fees? Your basic hospital cover would cover bed and theatre fees wouldn't it? During our cycle last year the day theatre fee was approx $795 and bed for transfer was listed as $240. Don't know if the prices have changed for the theatre and transfer fees? That could be a nice amount that you don't need upfront if your health insurer pays out for that.

    I do have the new prices for a stim cycle, will go find them....

    ok, IVF cycle is now $5830. or if you have to do an IVF/ICSI cycle, it is now $6210 This amount is payable upfront. I think you pay it when you pick up your meds to start your cycle. We live quite a distance from QFG, so they said just to make sure that I had paid before we went in for EPU.
    They tell you that you have to be able to carry this cost for about a month. They will send you a receipt when you pay, but it will not have the medicare item numbers on it for you to claim from medicare. I think we got our actual receipt with item numbers about 2 weeks after egg pick up. It was another week before we could get to the closest medicare office, and they did the refund by bank transfer which only took a couple of days.

    The amount they told you, you would be OOP, i think is the amount you will be OOP after medicare reimburses you. Our QFG paperwork said $1845 OOP with Top PHI, and we were a little less because we already had a small amount towards our safety net.
    I think the amount they estimate OOP, does not consider the safety net, as everyone could be sitting at different amounts with it, so they assume for everyone that you are starting out with a safety net balance of $0.

    When you have your meeting with the nurse next week, make sure you completely understand everything, as it is so overwhelming when they hand you all the paperwork. we had our interview over the phone and our nurse was an absolute gem, she went through every piece of paper in our pack, read it out and explained it all to us. She was fantastic at explaining the costs to us, as it was just so mind blowing to see all these figures! The fees will have some medicare item numbers listed on it, so you can ring your PHI and ask them if they pay out on them or not. I took the piece of paper into our PHI and asked them if they would pay out on those item numbers or not.

    Hope I haven't babbled on too much and confused you.


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    Mar 2006
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    Actually Nic, you've been a real gem! Thanks so much for your help. I can't tell you how much I want next wednesday to come. I am so excited about it. However, I don't know if my husband shares the same enthusiasm. The IVF costs really is alot of money. However, time waits for no man or woman.

    By the way, is this your first IVF? I wish you all the best!


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    My DH was really worried about the cost as well Elaine. I was a clever little chook and applied for an ANZ visa which had 6 months interest free, we saved for 3 months while on Synarel, then whacked the IVF bill on, put what medicare gave us back on it, and then paid the difference with what we had saved.

    Was our first IVF cycle in October, and it worked fortunately for us the first time.

    Goodluck with everything hope you are announcing a BFP very soon.
    Have you checked out the thread for long term TTC and Assisted Conception? There are plenty of people in there going through the same thing and so helpful and understanding.


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    Hi Bec D
    Im another Perth girl and was looking at changing clinics possibly. I was looking at FSWA and was curious about their fee structure. It seems to change at Concept and i get bills all over the place. It is 2.5 months since my last cycle and i am still getting bills from Drs/anaethetists! Are things more coordinated at FSWA? My GP recommended FS Doreen Yeap there, and i am going to call next week and see what her availability is. (just need a day off work as its not a phone call i want everyone at work overhearing!).

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    Apr 2008

    Hi Ladies,
    Has anyone been through Monash IVF in Brisbane (Sunnybank)? Was just wondering what they are like and the costs involved.

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    May 2008

    IVF Adelaide

    I am hoping someone may be able to help, DH and I are looking into ICSI through repromed Adelaide, does anyone have any idea of the costs involved? We have only extras cover with PHI and waiting the 12 months verses OOP expenses are what we are trying to weigh up.

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    Nov 2007

    tedybare, going through canberra Fertility Centre out of pocket expenses were a smidge under $3,000. I would ring the clinic or surf the web and try and find their expenses set out for you.

    If you take out PHI, you need to include the premiums you have been paying in doing your sums.

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    Sep 2006
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    just thought i would let you know that if your worried about money and stuff you could always apply for mediplan, its like a loan but it doesnt have interest or anything like that, you send them every bill you get from ivf then mediplan pays for it then you pay mediplan back?? i am about to look into for myself as we just dont have that sort of money spare and our ivf doctor told us about them so we are going to give them ago, there is also another one which is called mac credit they also help people out when they are doing ivf

    just though i would let you know about them as i have never herd of them till now

    good luck everyone and hope you get your bfp really really soon

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    This is MIVF fee list, as of 21/2/05

    Admin fee (first cycle only) $210
    Doner/recipient surcharge $500

    Stim IVF cycle
    Complete cycle $1470
    OPU only (no ET) $1403
    Canx before 9 days $376
    GIFT cycle $1594
    ICSI surcharge $600

    Natural IVF cycle
    Complete cycle $951
    OPU only $884
    Canx before 9 days $951

    Thaw cycle
    Complete cycle $518
    Planning only $196

    Additional charges
    Embryo biopsy(PGD) $1650
    Specific PGD (work up) $550
    Assisted hatching $260
    Testicular biopsy lab surcharge $220
    Semen analysis $70
    Fee for doner embryo $260
    Embryo storage fee (6 mths) $90
    Sperm storage (PA) $210
    Sperm straw $115
    Doner insem cycle $389
    Artificial insem $262.15
    Doner egg stim cycle $1921
    (recipent fees)

    Anaesthetic $200

    Hospital bed
    Freemasons $720
    Royal womens $249

    *All fees have had any medicare benefit taken out except for the anaesthetic*

    Hi I noticed you mentioned "Freemasons"... what does that mean? I thought Freemason was a religion??

    So sad to hear how much everyone going thru IVF has to pay

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    Oct 2005
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    i'm hoping someone is able to help. DH and i have been told we have to go through ivf, but we don't have the money to pay for it yet. Do we tell our FS that we are going to save and then go through with it, even though it may take a while. we're just not sure how to approach the subject.
    we're going through monash ivf in rockhampton.

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    Dec 2006

    Definitely talk to your FS. They know that this is a huge expense and they need you to be comfortable paying for it all, too. They may be able to offer suggestions to you to help you reach your goal (i.e. my FS did all my procedures etc at Royal Women's Hosp in Melbourne as opposed to Freemason's Hosp, as Royal Women's is a lot cheaper.)
    Good Luck.

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    beau, does Monash do their procedures through the Hillcrest? I think the Hillcrests bed fees are a little cheaper than the Mater, have only been told that though. I have had a day procedure at the Hillcrest (quite a few years ago) and they were absolutely wonderful.
    I agree with Lenny, have a chat to your FS about it. I know it might feel a little funny saying you need to save for a little, but they might have some suggestions for you, plus they might have a plan of action for you while you save.

    goodluck with everything.


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