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    Hi, well we finally had our egg transfer on Wed 2nd April with 2 x5 cell's. Everything so far had been going well except im experiencing cramping the exact same as when my periods are coming. Im not bleeding as yet and our pregnancy test isn't till Tuesday the 15th. Im trying not to feel discouraged but these two weeks are the longest of my life. Does any one have any stories of cramping after egg transfer and what was your outcome. Bring on BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi jaz, just moving this to Long term Assisted Conception for you hun, you might get more responses there.

    Fingers crossed that all is good and you announce a BFP soon!

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    Hi Jaz3

    I only just noticed your post this morning, and unfortunately I don't have a lot to offer you only my limited experience. I have only had one transfer so far and I did experience cramps on and off along with a whole heap of other supposed pg symptoms, all of which could be put down to side affects of the crinone and pregnyl. Unfortunately we got a BFN but it looks like my little embie didn't really stand a chance of implantation. We have only just found out through a lap/hysto/d&c that I have a very narrow cervix which the doctor wouldn't have known about last year.

    I know about the agony of the TWW and I understand that we do tend to over analyse every little thing that our body is feeling. All I can say is good luck and I hope that you get your BFP on the 15th.

    Take care

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