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Thread: How much pain is too much pain?

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    Default How much pain is too much pain?

    After having had two horrendous stim cycles with bad OHSS, I'm told I'm fine for transfer on this one. But I'm now wondering how much pain is too much pain? I suspect that the majority of the pain and bloating I have is from gas... every time I move I burp! The shoulder pain seems to have subsided over night, but I still feel like I'm over inflated!

    My ovaries feel fairly normal, they don't hurt when I move. But when I pressed where they usually are, I felt nothing at all. I think I found them a bit further up, so that tells me that they are quite swollen, and freaks me out. 24 hours past EPU and my weight is still normal, so it's obvious the bloating is from gas, not fluid. I only had two doses of panadeine on the day of EPU (yesterday), but one of the first things I did on getting up this morning was head for the panadeine.

    So... how much pain is too much pain? Are they right in saying that I'll be fine for transfer? I guess that after two freeze all cycles, if I know I'm not transferring I'd rather know about it now to prepare myself rather than not finding out until the last minute. Could this just be my body doing it's usual thing of going crazy when ever there's inflammation present, or is this the start of OHSS? You'd think that after being through it twice I'd know... but I had it quite badly those times, and while I am prepared to admit that I do have mild OHSS right now, what degree does it have to get to before transfer is ruled out?

    I know the extreme so well that I'm not quite sure how to deal with the other end of the scale! Yes, I know I'm scared and babbling, and probably incoherent!


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    Sorry, I don't have any answers for you, just sending hugs and hope you're feeling better (ie. less pain!) soon xo

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    BW it's hard to say what's too much pain. I always felt very ordinary after an EPU, bled and usually was in some kind of pain, to the extent where I often wondered if I was too 'bruised' to be able to go for transfer. I could barely walk after one stim cycle, for 2 days, but with the blast cycle, most of the worst symptoms subsided by transfer day, so don't take how you feel right this minute as the yardstick of whether or not you're going to be 'right' for transfer.

    Just keep drinking that water, and if you're on P4 it's probably not helping with the bloating, but rest and see how you feel tomorrow, and the day after that. You might find you'll be feeling better and your worries would be for nothing.

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    I am sorry that you are in so much pain at the moment . I agree with Sushee. If you can wait it out another day or two and make sure you keep your fluids, hopefully the inflammation will have subsided. Are you having a day 2/3 transfer or going to blastie? If you're going to blastie, I am sure you will be feeling much better and be fighting fit for transfer. Maybe you should be considering taking Monday off work if you are still in pain tomorrow?

    Take care and thinking of you

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