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Thread: Is it just me, or is Synarel not THAT bad?

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    For some reason I had really bad s/e for IVF#1, but have been okay for #2 and #3 (so far). The first time I had constant headache and fatigue and I couldn't concentrate on anything! I had trouble remembering simple words and I just couldn't think straight. I was in this constant brain fog.

    But then the 2nd time around was fine (just remember being really tired) and so far so good this time too (constant dull headache and tired, but no cognitive impairment).

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    Hi Cadence,

    I'm new to this. just signed up today. Started my syneral treatments on Tuesday and have been very surprised not to be feeling too bad at all after all I'd been warned. Funny enough I signed on to see if there were other people who had mild effects to make sure it was working and when I read through and saw your post I thought wow that's exactly the effects I have noticed. I had pain down my left side abdomen today and have been having back and hip pains for the past few days. Nothing too bad but a bit uncomfortable. I don't know if it's the syneral - thankfullly no headaches just a little nausea on that. Today is normal period date so I dont know if that's related either. Wish you the best of luck,

    IVF #1

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