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Thread: Long Term Assisted Conception ~ March 2006

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    kirsty Guest

    Default Long Term Assisted Conception ~ March 2006

    Hi there all you lovely ladies, here we are almost through another month & hopefully we'll see some BFP's announced in here soon. You all so deserve to be announcing them with the amazing strength that you all show. Wishing you all success.

    To have any of your details included in this thread or modified in any way, please email any of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum. We will endeavour to update your details ASAP. We find this works best as often information posted in the thread itself can be lost or unseen.

    Name -
    State -
    My Previous Cycle Length -
    Cycle Type -
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC -
    Medications -
    Important Dates -
    Extra Info -

    Name - ~Angel Baby's Mum~ - Chele
    State - SA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 29 - 30 - 31 - 40
    Cycle Type - Stim ICSI
    Months of TTC Since May 2003
    Medications - Folate, Marvelon Pill
    Important Dates - Dr's Appt for Consent and Initial Bloods for DH & I 3/4. Start Sniffing 14/4 (Happy Easter), 19/4 Last Pill, 27/4 BT & Drug Collection, Start Injections Approx 5/5, EPU Approx week of 15/5
    Extra Info - 1 fresh cycle = ~Angel~ 4 snow bubs failed

    Name - Bee
    State - Vic
    My Previous Cycle Length - Non existent
    Cycle Type - Down reg
    Months of TTC - Nearly 3 years
    Medications - Pregnyl
    Important Dates - BT 10 November
    Extra Information - No AF since stopping pill in 2002, otherwise "unexplained" infertility

    Name - Blue Sky
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 37 - 21 - 38 - 30 -45 €“ 38 - 30 €“ 44 €“ 56 - 40 - ?? Lost count!
    Cycle type - Not Sure - switching Drs
    Months of TTC €“ Many years pre AC, 12 months AC, over 12 months IVF
    Medications €“ Blackmores Preg and BF Formula
    Important Dates €“ Appt with new Dr in July
    Extra Info €“ ICSI #1 €“ 0 embies, ICSI #2 €“ BFN, FET #1 €“ chem., FET #2 - chem, Ovulation Induction FET cancelled.

    Name - Caryn
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 35
    Cycle Type - FET
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC - 2 years and 5 months
    Medications - Elevit, Metforman, Fish Oil, Vit C, 3hbp meds and sharkeys herbal mixture - so much I rattle....and Progynova 6mg at the moment...
    Important Dates - FET transfer on 10/02/2006
    Extra Info - 39 yrs old, PCOS, m/c nov 05

    Name - Confusedegg (CHRIS)
    State -NSW
    My previous cycle length - IRREGULAR
    Cycle Type:HRT FET
    Months of TTC 4 Years #1 EP (2000), 5 months #2-BFN (2004), 2 months #3 -BFP Twins (2005)
    Medications - Estrogen, progesterone pessaries
    Important Dates - 1/12/05 - Transfer ( 5 day blastocyst)
    Extra information - m/c twin girls 4&5/07/05 & EP lost tube 08/2000

    Name - Kar
    State - ACT
    My Previous Cycle Length - 26-34
    Cycle Type - ICSI#2
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC - IVF/ICSI since Oct 2003, AC since Apr 05, trying since 2003.
    Medications - Synarel, Puregon, Pregnyl
    Important Dates - ET 3rd April, 2 embies on board
    Extra Info - 39yo. ICSI #2 underway. 1st ICSI attempt Nov/Dec 2005 - BFN. Natural FET Feb 06 - BFN.

    Name: Leisa (firemansgirl)
    State: NSW
    My previous cycle length: 28
    Cycle Type: natural
    Months of TTC: 23
    Medications: folic acid, zinc, evening primrose, herbal formula
    Important Dates: 12th April appointment with Dr Morgan, 17th May removal of endo from L ovary and lower sigmoid colon (bowel resec)
    Extra information:

    Name - Magic (Sheree)
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length -
    Cycle Type - Natural Jan 06
    FF Link - N/A
    Months of TTC - TTC#1: 3 years, TTC#2: 3 years
    Medications - Vitex, Omega3, Calcium and CoenzymeQ10
    Important Dates - RE appt 25/01/06
    Extra Info - ART: (4OI, 2IVF, 2FET)=DD '02: (1PGD, 2IVF, 6FET)=EP '05: (1OI, 2PGD, 1ICSI)=Chem '05 BFP Jan 06 - natural cycle

    Name: MargOZ (Marg)
    State: VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length: 26 - 26 - 23 - 23
    Cycle Type: IVF
    Months of TTC: Commenced 2004 (2 x DI, 2 x IVF - all unsuccessful)
    Medications: Puregon, Clomid, Pregnyl
    Important Dates: Next IVF cycle commences mid-April 06
    Extra Info: Fibroids diagnosed & 7 removed Sep 04 with 2 remaining

    Name: Shezabelle (Sheree)
    State: QLD
    My Previous Cycle Length: 36days and counting
    Cycle Type: In between possibly full stim
    Months of TTC: 23
    Medications: Metfromin and Folic acid
    Important Dates: Appt 21/02/06
    Extra Info: clomid x 4 AIH x 3( m/c 8weeks cycle 2 of AIH) IVF x 1 stim OHSS no ET FET x 1 BFN no snowbubs left.

    Name: - Skye
    State: - NSW
    My previous cycle length: - 31
    Cycle type: - prep for ICSI
    Months of TTC: - DD ~ 15mths, #2 ~ 18mths
    Medications: - synarel twice daily, puregon injections
    Important Dates: - BT 9/01; US 11/01; EPU 16/01; ET 18/01
    Extra Information: - PCOS, 1st ICSI cycle BFP Jan 06

    Name - Special child (nola)
    State - Vic
    My Previous Cycle Length -
    Cycle Type -
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC - 41 long mths
    Medications - Serophene - Elevite
    Important Dates -

    Name - SuziQ
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 28, 28, 28
    Cycle Type - ICSI with donor sperm
    Months of TTC - 15 years (with a 4 year break)
    Medications - Dubai, Greece & Turkey brochures and the occasional scotch
    Important Dates - Mid August - departure lounge Mascot airport
    Extra Info - 43 years old. 11 years TTC with Ex. 6 months flying solo

    Name - *Tam*
    State - WA
    My previous cycle length -varies
    Cycle Type:- waiting for IVF PGD
    Months of TTC - 2 1/2yrs DD, 3 yrs #2, AC 1+ years
    Medications - BCP to bring on AF
    Important Dates - waiting, waiting, waiting
    Extra information - Endo, no right tube, 3m/c, 1EP.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    April TWW/ETs/BTs

    Karbent inkstick: :bluestick:

    __________________________________________________ ___________
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    kirsty Guest


    Okay lovely ladies last thread is here

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    Nov 2005
    central coast


    Morning all of you lovely ladies!!!

    SuziQ-I honestly dont quiet understand. I went straight into shock mode then trying to keep my self from being upset. What I do remember Frank saying was quiet condradictory. He did say High fasting blood sugar can cause misscarriges. It was the first time he has run that test, but I did have it 6 months ago by my Gp and everything was good. Just another Hurdle!!

    Keen- It was the first I heard of a Tunnel test too. It cost us $240 with no rebate at all. The sperm has to be frozen and they are looking for chromizone deformencies. And the only thing they can do to make things even a little better is to have Dh produce a sample daily for at least 2 weeks until egg collection as fresher is best.

    Chele- Happy Birthday! Fantastic news. Sending you many sticky vibes!

    Janee- Good luck with IVF appointment today.

    Leis- Hope you are doing well. I love your Hot chick!

    Marg- Waiting is such a hard game to play isnt it! Though your holiday sounds like a great idea. Now as we are forced to have a break we are thinking of going away around easter too!

    Shez- I always worry when I am on the synarel that it wont give me the dose required and it wont stop me from Ovulating and therefore not being able to go to egg collection. Crazy Heh! I just think our Worry wort inside gets a free rein when doing a cycle.

    Tam- Glad all went well yesterday and everything is on track.

    Heather, Nola, Bee- hope everything is going smoothly for you all.

    And to anyone I have forgotten hope you are enjoying your day!!!

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    Hi ladies

    I had checked out of BB for a few days, had a friend come up from Sydney on his new motorbike and we hit the road at a very fast pace, I must say, it was fantastic therapy!!!!! I had never been on a road bike before but having grown up riding horses all my life and the board, my balance was pretty bloo*y good!

    Chele I hope you get the big :BFP:, honey you deserve it.. good luck Keen too...

    :wave: to everyone else...

    love and hugs leis

    PS yeah my av is pretty cool hey!!! Only just noticed it!!!

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    Default New girl

    Hi everyone,
    I've been watching this thread for a couple of days and thought I'd better put in an appearance and introduce myself.

    I'm Kar, 39 and am in the ACT. Have been seriously TTC since Oct 2003 with assistance since April 2005. Have no kids and had no pregnancies.

    Blue Sky thanks for your suggestion to join this group by PM. Sorry I couldn't reply to you directly.

    I had a good chuckle when I read the IVF barbie post somewhere around here and felt right at home.

    I'm on my 2nd ICSI cycle and am D9 of downregulating (Synarel). Have my first BT tomorrow to see when I start stims. I had a horror run last time with 39 follies (ovaries felt like bags of sharp gravel and I looked 5 months pregnant which was sort of a nice fantasy but that was about all). But after just avoiding OHSS we only got three embies and none stuck. We're having assisted hatching this time.

    I look forward to getting to know you all better. Is anyone else downregulating or stimming at mo?


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    Kar firstly welcome!!
    I am downreging too. Synarel day 6 AF arrived today so off to Dr monday for BT & U/S then stimming.
    I had my first IVF cycle in nov 05 got 24 eggs ending up with OHSS and no transfer 5 snowbubs, all 5 thawed to get one for FET in feb BFN .
    So on to full stim again. I have been doing AC since Oct 04. I managed to get a BFP off a AIH cycle last june ( would have been due tomorrow 16th ) not to be, m/c 8 wks though never meant to be sac very small.
    Wish you all the luck for this cycle we are basically cycle buddies!!

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    Hi Kar... welcome aboard.. you will find lots of support and form many cyber friendships on the forum and BB itself...Hopefully you will jump across to the preggie part of the forum real quick........

    DH and I have been TTC for a similar amount of time as you and your DH. Welcome once again...

    love leis xx

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    Welcome aboard the BB train which is going express from LTAC to PALTAC for us all at the moment. Hope your BT is good today

    Well ladies I am off to have my transfer so [-o< this last snow bub sticks as other wise full ICSI Stim in MAy comming up.

    Trish we did a little BD but pretty hard at moment we are both soooo tired from doing different shifts that when we are on same like this week all we do is cuddle up and go to sleep lol that is nice though.

    Catch you all later with precious cargo on board. 8-[

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    Kar - welcome to the board - hopefully there's some good news for you soon. :wave:

    Chele - GOOD LUCK! Thinking of you and have everything crossable crossed. [-o<

    I'm off to Melb for the Comm Games first thing in the morning and not back home til Mon night. We've got a bit of a crazy schedule organised but it should be lots of fun.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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    Good Morning everyone!!!

    Welcome Kar- glad you joined in. Sending you much baby dust for this cycle

    Chele- How exciting!!! Sending you heaps of sticky vibes and also have everything crossed for you.

    and for everyone else sending you all heaps of hugs and hoping that you all are having a lovely day!

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    Good morning, quick message before taking DD to school.

    Welcome to Kar, hope your cycles goes well & brings success. And I hope you enjoy hanging out with us lot in the mean time. I'm about to start my second IVF (with PGD) in a few weeks so you'll have your BFP by then!

    Marg, sounds like a good weekend, I missed the opening ceremony last night, turned on the tv just as the final fireworks were on, but heard it was great. Love sport.

    Chele, hope all goes well today & the TWW, we're here to help.

    Leis, DH has always had a bike. when it was the 2 of us I'd love jumping on the back. very free feeling.

    Shez, hope starting the stim goes well.

    Hope the other 'cyclers' are going well. And all the rest are having a good day.

    Take care

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    Well guess what Ladies my last embie is a ...... wait for it ....... ta dahhhh OMG 9 cell it started life as a 5 cell. I have never had that before most have been 8 cells and 1 was only a 4 cell. Maybe with Clomid and 2 HCG support injections this big un will give me a HCG BT result well over 40 on the 30th. The embryologist said that is what she is expecting over 40 so they know I am definately pregnant. Ha I just laughed at her but she is the Senior person so who knows maybe my ~Angel~ will look over this one and make it work .

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    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles


    :bluestick: inkstick: to Chelle and everyone else who needs them

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    janee Guest


    Good luck, angel Baby's Mum!!!! Sending lots of sticking vibes to you!
    Welcome Kar!
    Leis, the bike ride sounds fun!
    Marg, hope you have a great time at the games.
    Tam, good luck for your second round.
    Daisy, hope you get the blood sugar thing sorted out soon!
    And and big hello to everyone else!
    Me, well the review appt yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag. In theory, we should have been pregnant with twins 1st injects cycle in December, second injects cycle in Jan, and a singleton in Feb...levels fab, follicles fab etc etc..... Unexplained infertility really sucks!
    We have decided (I think) to do a medicated cycle next month and then straight into IVF for May. I say, "think" because a small part of me still keeps thinking "Be careful what you wish for". Things I've read about IVF stats and children with disabilities scares me. I know the reality is, the child would be as likely to have a disability as any naturally conceived child, but I just can't get it out of my know, the whole notion of messing with nature etc.... Please, oh wise women, I need advice right now, or reassurance, or both!

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    Yes the stats are scary but in your heart you will do what you think is right anything can and does happens just as much with a NAtural Prgnancy as with an IVF Pregnancy so do what ever you feel comfortable with as it is your boby and your desicion. Stop looking for trouble with all the stats.

    Sometimes Nature and Dreams need a little Help is the motto of REROMED here in SA perhaps you could speak to Dr about your concerns and try different methods before going full on ICSI.

    Good Luck

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    janee Guest


    Thanks Angel Baby's Mum....I think I'm just nervous about the next step, which is a big one. IUI is not really an option as DH and I decided that rather than potentially waste abother few months, we really wanted to give it our best shot, through IVF...and if nothing else, it will provide us with some answers as to why our dream hasn't yet come true. It's difficult having no answers, and yet I can see, it's just as hard having explanations.... thank you again for your comments.

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    OMG Chele this is the best news.. keep thinking positive sticky vibes and i am sure you will get the big fat positive...

    love leis

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    Leis - love the av! Im a big fan of motorbike rides too - sometimes just what you need to take your mind off things for a bit.

    Kar - hey there! Welcome to our gang (hee hee). Totally know what you mean about the ovary pain - all three of my flare cycles have resulted in over 45 follies - and it does sometimes feel as though you will pop, doesnt it?! Fingers crossed for this go - and hope you are into the pregnancy threads very very soon!

    Chele - goodluck with it all - sounds as though all is going very well so far this cycle... and a 9 cell is fantastic! I really hope this is the one for you guys

    Marg - hope you have a ball at the comm games!

    Janee - I think it is fair for you to be thinking the way you are about not wanting to mess with nature and all that. I know I definitely would prefer to do it the 'old fashioned' way . But the important thing is that you are comfortable and happy with the decision you make - regardless what any of us say. Trust in yourself and you will make the right decision for you (like Chele said).
    By the way - Stats, Shmats! If they were accurate I would have at least 3 children by now.... but alas I do not. And many others have one go and bam! So there pretty useless really #-o

    Im now just waiting for AF to arrive - interesting when these months come about when you actually want her to hurry up and show so you can start the next cycle - no doubt she will be late this time!

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