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    Hi All

    I'm currently one week into medicated FET cycle. Taking estrogen at the moment - yep fluid retention, feeling angry, look tired, constipated ... sorry but the list goes on. For the first few days I was only angry now I'm swigging on the prune juice .. omg haha. Right now I would like to feel healthy and fresh but I just feel toxic.

    Its really obvious in my face, I keep having people mention how tired I look and asking if I'm ok, I just don't think there is enough makeup to hide it. But I guess that is pretty normal??? And I have to increase my dosage from tomorrow... great! I was told that the estrogen is to suppress my own ovulation? So I'm a bit confused because they say no 'unprotected intercourse during treatment', as to what the role of estrogen is (even after googling).

    As for the progesterone pessaries ... I don't start them for a week or so. I keep hearing about cramping and mood swings .... what else do i have to look forward to??

    Oh yeah and what about DH and I gettin' it on after transfer, or do you usually wait??

    So if you have any thoughts/suggestions/comments or would like to tell about your experience please feel free!!

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    Hi belle

    i'm in the midst of a medicated FET at the moment as well - and have to admit i've had less side effects than you - in fact i'm actually feeling pretty good - but we all respond to drugs differently!! hopefully your body and the meds will start to play together nicely in the very near future, as i believe if the pregnancy takes, you're likely to be on the meds up until 10 or 12 weeks... i you have to go on to have another FET, talk to your doctors about a "natural" cycle in which they track ovulation and transfer appropriated after that - particularly seeing the reaction you've had to the meds.... anyway, i digress!

    as to what the estrogen does - it builds up a uterine lining to the density they want it ready for transfer. if you've had implantation issues in the past, or a thin lining, they might be using the meds to get a nice healthy lining built up. i'm not aware of how the meds (i'm on progynova HRT) would prevent ovulation as there doesnt' seem to be any other meds in the mix to inhibit natural ovulation (your body would still be producing natural FSH/LH) - but perhaps i'm missing something - perhaps the additional estrogen might inhibit production.... anyway, digressing again! for me, i don't ovulate, so it's all a bit unknown!

    with progesterone - honestly, last time i had minimal impact from it. i was tired, and my body felt "heavier" like AF was on her way, but minimal cramping. the pessaries are easy to use, and i found myself feeling quite ok. i know others have found them annoying - especially as it's virtually impossible to pick the difference between the progesterone side effects and those from a pregnancy! that bit does your head in more than a little!

    just keep in mind that lack of AF at what would normally be the end of your luteal phase means nothing on a fully medicated cycle. the introduction of exogenous progesterone means that AF really can't arrive - AF is brought on by the massive drop in progesterone levels but when you're introducing it from outside, it just doesn't happen - so it really does come down to waiting on that call with results from the clinic!

    hope this is the cycle that gives you your bubba - rest up and take care. if you think you're tired now, imagine what the first trimester will be like!!! lol

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    Hi Belle,

    Well i'm just about finished my 2ww on medicated FEt cycle. My BT is tomorrow and have absolutely no idea as to whether it has worked or not. As for the meds, the only side effect i get from estrogen tablets is being tired, the pessaries make my boobs sore from day 2 onwards. Estrogen builds the lining in your uterus and progesterone gets your uterus ready for implantation or to maintain a pregnancy should one occur. Last
    Fet i had last month i had cramping from day after transfer this time hardly a thing just a few little twinges so each cycle can be different to. Good luck Belle and i hope you get your BFP out of this one.

    briggys girl - good luck to you too hun - hope it all works out.

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    Hey Briggy's girl and Lissie

    Thanks for your comments and good luck to you both .

    Hmm I'm just not sure about the whole medicated thing. I really thought that I would be having a natural cycle because i do ovulate and have a regular cycle. Although i believe he has chosen a medicated cycle because I seem to have pcos tendencies but not actually have pcos. This makes it somewhat confusing. I did overstim on EPU cycle so guess I should expect an overreaction each time? Although when I've been checked out previously my lining was fine.

    I am finding this whole process very physically demanding. I'm not doing any regular exercise at the moment because I feel like my body is already pushed. And thanks for the info about AF - I guess I just expected AF would start if not preggers.

    Fingers crossed

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