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Thread: Morning Sickness BAD now medicated

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    Default Morning Sickness BAD now medicated

    Does anyone else have bad all day sickness. My Doc put me on meds today as i am loosing too much weight and not eating a thing and feeling CRAP.

    I am 14 weeks!!

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    Hi didi,

    I had dreadful all day sickness with my second bub. I was medicated too, but it really only took the edge off. The sickness did stop in the last month of my pregnancy (sorry for the gloomy outlook!).

    With my third, I was keen to NOT have a repeat situation (as I had just started a new job). So, I took myself off to an acupuncturist - and after 3 treatments I was happily in control of the MS. The only residual MS happened when I needed something to eat, and it promptly left after I ate.

    I highly recommend acupuncture (by an experienced practitioner) - and will be booking in next time ..... which will hopefully be sooner than later! lol!
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    Hiya didispunk - My DF had pretty bad morning sickness. Our doc put her on Maxalon and that worked wonders.

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    I had all day sickness to the point where I felt I was constantly about to vomit. Im 25 weeks and still get nausea daily, but have been maxolon free for a week

    I was initially on maxolon but as the symptoms got worse they gave me zofran. They needed to control the nausea as its part of my anxiety disorder- normally they wouldnt give someone in my position zofran. Maxolon takes the edge off but didnt really get rid of it

    There are other things like anti histamines that can also help. Its not uncommon to be put on meds and everyone I know who has been put on them had a healthy baby in the end

    I hope you get some relief soon

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    I'm no expert but isn't it advised not to go on anti-histamines whilst pg?

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    Big hugs didispunk I haven't had to be medicated but have had horrid all day sickness with my third PG. I describe it like a reading in the car kind of thing IYKWIM. Didn't need to be medicated for it though.

    There is something that I was told to get when PG and had a really bad cold. It's an anti histamine which is also used as a travel sickness drug for kids. Can't remember the name of it ATM though.

    Gage I think there are a few that are safe. The one I'm thinking of is. Anything containing pseudoeohedrine (sp?) is not recommended so that rules out most cold and flu tablets.

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    I'm only in the early stages but I haven't had any m/s yet. I have been seeing my acupuncturist so I don't know if this is why but I second going to acupuncture, it works wonders with just about anything!!

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