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Thread: Puregon Doses - Ohss?

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    Red face Puregon Doses - Ohss?

    Hi there

    i should be an old hand at this but i have one little concern with my 2nd stim cycle. last time (over 12 months ago) i was on 100 iu of puregon and upped for the last few days to 150iu as i was having a slow response.
    this cycle i am going to start on150iu.
    my query is - being only 42kgs in weight am i at higher risk of OHSS? and what can i do to prevent it. all i remember is drink plenty of water.
    what symptoms should i watch out for?
    i start when AF arrives which is sometime in the next week, if synarel doesnt delay it by too much.

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    Sonya, I suspect the biggest factor in developing OHSS is PCOS, rather than low body mass.

    You are right on the drink plenty of water thing. Also, it's a good idea to follow a high protein and low carb diet, ensuring that any carbs you do eat are low GI. I've just found with my cycle that everything was fine and my levels were perfect, until the point where I gave in to temptation and slipped up on the diet. Then things took a big jump, but fortunately, we're still under control and everything looks very likely that I'll be able to have a fresh transfer this time.

    I've found that it's really only after EPU that the OHSS symptoms kick in. Beforehand I'm just bloated and uncomfortable and very aware of enormously enlarged ovaries that jiggle with each step. After EPU you really want to look out for pain and severe bloating. If you're still drinking heaps and not peeing much, you're likely to be in big trouble. I watch my weight VERY closely when suffering from OHSS. We're talking weighing myself each time I pee just to keep an eye on how much fluid I'm retaining. And yes, you can see it change throughout the day if things are bad.

    I honestly think you'll be fine, but it never hurts to be aware of what you may be up against.


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    thanx BW

    its always good to hear from someone with personal experience. fingers crossed it will all be fine.

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