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Thread: Cost of naturopath

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    I tried a Naturopath before going thru IVF. Each monthly visit was costing me $50 which included the meds. I saw her for a year, specifically for infertility, as she specialised in this field. Although i felt fantastic, and the best i ever felt - (health wise) it did not give me the outcome that i was hoping for (a pregnancy).
    It does seem expensive, perhaps things are dearer in Melb??
    I have heard however that acupunture does increase your chances of falling preg, and you can even use it with assisted conception.
    Good luck to you.

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    Hope you don't mind me intruding here.

    I've just started seeing a homeopath (same thing I think) who has put me on something to help my cycles settle (googling it today I realise Agnus Castii is Vitex, which is what other people here have recommended) and he's also said when I start TTC then there are other things that can help: he claims he's helped other LTTTCers with it too. Well, I'm going to try it: can't hurt, but also no background fertility data for me so I won't know if it's just down to the herbs and stuff.

    Over here it cost 50 for the first consultation and 35 for subsequent half-hour consultations, then an extra 5 for any prescription I need. In Aussie money I think that's about $110-120 for the first consultation and $80-90 for subsequent ones, with prescriptions being $11-12. If it works then money well spent, he's also said that we will at some point hook me up to some Vegas Nerve machine to measure my sympathetic and parasympatheic system, so that will be fun! However, I live in the more expensive part of the UK and if I were back Oop North I wouldn't spend that money.

    Reflexology is also a great help for relaxing and pregnancy - it's about stimulating the area in the middle of the sole of your foot, but I'm not 100% sure as to exactly where.

    Best of luck to you all - can't think of a bunch of girls I'd rather see getting their BFPs!

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    is your naturapath registered with the private health care company you are with? Just that quite a few of them are and you get a rebate back if your cover does include natural therapies.

    I'm on organic vitamins & supplements but they are thru our own company, but I do regularly have accupuncture and tcm treatments. Usually I find out what I need and then go into uni and grab them from the dispensary there at cost. I'm studying for a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in natropathy which means I have access to the herbs etc.

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    Hi Jane
    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.

    I am seeing both a naturopath and an accupuncturist for assistance.

    My accupuncturist is a member of the Ausrtralian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine association. Any acupuncturist not registered with this organisation is probably one to steer clear of. My acupuncturist charged me $45 per treatment and I had upto 3 per week for an hour each. I didn't want to take herbs that might interfere with IVF drugs, told her this and she was very happy not to prescribe TCM. There have been at least 3 articles in medical journals this year alone showing that accupuncture on the day of ET assists with implantation. The journal articles also detail exactly which points are used. Any alternative practitioner worth their salt will provide something to back up claims like - we can improve your egg quality.

    My naturopath charges $75 per session and the herbs are extra. I pay about $27 for supplements and $35 for tinctures she makes up. She is also registered with a number of professional associations.

    And I guess the MOST IMPORTANT thing to say is that if you have doubts about your practitioner it can affect their treatment of you. You need to be able to trust your practitioner explicitly and implicitly in my view or your own head will interfere with the treatment. I know that I have certainly ditched some naturopaths because I lost faith in them.

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