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Thread: He keeps making the Puregon dose go up.....

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    Default He keeps making the Puregon dose go up.....

    I have been on Puregon injections for 12 days now. First I started on 125 went for a scan a week later and not much happening so up it went to 175. Went for a scan today and still not much happening so up to 225 I go with a re-scan on Tuesday. A few small follies on each ovary but not much really.

    Has anyone been in this situation and had sucess??

    I guess I am just trying to prepare myself in case the FS decides to not proceed with this cycle and start again with a higher dose straight up. It is strange becasue I did 4 medicated IUI cycles and produced a good size follie each month on a dose of 33. I blame the month on the pill for messing me up!!

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    lil_chookie, do you perhaps have PCOS? The situation you describe is a classic PCOS response - unpredictable. A dose that previously works, suddenly doesn't.

    With our first cycle, we started low, got nothing... but instead of increasing slowly as your FS is doing, mine doubled the dose and sent me away for 4 days. We got a response - too much of one! I ended up with OHSS and a freeze all cycle.

    Try to relax, and trust that your FS knows what he's doing, and is doing his best to avoid the horrors of OHSS. Having been through it twice, next time I'll be insisting we do it differently - start low, increase slowly, as you have been doing.

    I'm certainly hoping it works out for you sooner rather than later.


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    Thanks BW - I do trust my FS, I am very comfortable with him and I know he knows what he is doing. I have had years of you have PCOS, you don't have PCOS and the latest is I display symptoms of PCOS......I either have it or I don't grrrrrrrrrrr. I guessing now they will decide, we think she might have it this week LOL.

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    That must be so frustrating! The problem with PCOS is that it is a syndrome - there's a certain group of symptoms that are typically found with it, but I display very few of them, but have very bad PCOS. For more borderline cases it can be quite difficult to diagnose - sorry that you are stuck in that borderline state!


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    I have PCO but have never had any symptoms of PCOS. I was told that even having PCO ie. polycystic ovaries on u/s with no other indicators, means you are prone to unpredictable responses. So I guess your FS is trying to be cautious by upping the dose a little each time. hope this new dosage does the job.

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