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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some information/personal experience of having a karyotype (genetic testing) blood test. My OBY/GYN has gotten both myself and my DH to do the test as he feels it is possible that genetics may have played a role in my dismal ivf failure last month. I got 10 embies, lost about 3 by Day 3, lost another few by day 4, only transferred 1 which miscarried and none survived to be frozen. Apparently a lot of our embies had an inner cell mass which may indicate a genetic problem. Has anyone had the same experience or could give me further information??

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    Hi Brissie Girl,

    FIrstly, i am so sorry for your losses and your hard times, hun. What a tough road you have walked so far. I hope and pray that it gets easier for you and that answers are found for you soon.

    I will hopefully be able to let you know our experience with karyotype testing soon. My hubby and I are having the full test ing thing too, and part of that is the FGS wants us to both have the karyotype test done. AF is just on the verge of arriving for me, and i have been told to have my entire range of blood tests on Day 2 - 4, which includes the karyotype test. I will probably make hubby get his thing week too.

    I will keep in touch and let you know how we go and what happens. (A bit about me - we have one child but have had three miscarriages and 17 months of TTC). Such a heartbreaking and hard journey we have to experience!
    LSB xxx.

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    Brissie Girl,
    We had genetic testing after our first stim cycle of IVF had a retrival of 60 eggs and none fertalised with ICSI, they all acted abnormally leaving the FS and embroyologists scratching there heads.
    But we had a month off in between waiting for the results to be analysed and they came back normal.
    Next month our EPU had 40 which had a fert rate of 19 we fell pregnant first cycle. I cant give you any info but because one cycle is bad does not always reflect what will happen as I went on to have 4 stims and had none of the problems I had in the initial one
    Good luck

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    I'm having this test done. Curious as to what the test shows. I don't have any information about it.

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