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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception 2012 June-July

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    Nov 2011

    Good luck for transfer today Miss B!

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    Nov 2011
    SE Melbourne

    Good luck miss b!

    And good luck to Ree and Jane for BT!!! FX it's a good number

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    Jan 2009
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    Have a fantastic transfer today MissB, hope all goes wonderfully! And hope you and your hoo-ha are feeling a bit better today

    Sending healthy vibes and hugs your way Myturn, what a terribly rough trot you're having Here's hoping the Dr can get you all fixed up in time for the business end of your cycle!
    And thanks lovely, I've got everything crossed for good BT news today too - silly me can't help but worry that something will be wrong

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    Oct 2011

    Good luck or your transfer today Miss B, and hope you have a nice relaxing day.

    Myturn I hope you are feeling better hun and hope to decided to take some time off work to recover.

    FX for some great numbers today Jane and ReeRee, Im sending out all my positive vibes I can gather.

    AFM- still coming along very slowly. Had and US today to see what was happening in there as I have 2 follicles at 13mm and my lining was 8.3, the nurse said that because I'm only doing a FET the they are really only interested in how my lining is and she said it looks great so FX they call me this arvo to tell me I can take my trigger.

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    Apr 2009
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    Good luck miss B

    Hope you can trigger today mrs Mac.

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    Hi ladies,

    The transfer went well, I just drank the glass of water 45 minutes earlier than I had to and I was in AGONY!! Seriously, I thought I was going to explode and pee all over the nice man doing my transfer. I ran out of that little room almost bare footed (they told me to at least wear my socks) into the toilet, and I had the longest pee
    My embie was not quite the blastie we wanted, rather a compacting morula as of 7 am this morning, so the embryologist said it could of done a lot in the 3 and a half hours till I had my transfer at 10.30 am. The other embie is a tad behind the one we transferred, so I have to call tomorrow afternoon to see if it's suitable for freezing. Overall, they have been and are dividing nicely though, so the embyologist was happy with them both. Now the waiting begins! I made DF DTD last night, I tell you, I had tears in my eyes from the pain due to the thrush. But I have always DTD before my transfers, and so far so good.

    Thanks for all your good luck wishes ladies!

    FX for you Ree and Jane

    Will be back to do some persies, I'm off to a couch to relax. The one thing I didn't do this time was to lie down following my transfer for 30 minutes which is what I normally do, so if this cycle doesn't work DF will be accountable as he rushed me today!


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    Nov 2011
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    oh dear miss b!

    At MIVF we don't have to 'hold' it in or lie down afterwards - they just stick it in and its all over rover...

    AFM... scan was good - nothing happening down there, so we can start stabbing tomorrow.... acupuncture booked for next monday and next scan on tuesday....

    so the punishment begins

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    Dec 2008
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    Yay for a good scan hun and finally starting the jabs! Won't be long before EPU for you My clinic doesn't tell you or suggest to lie down afterwards but it's something I've heard before and I did it in my last 2 cycles (my first cycle is now a big blur!). I'm sure of of my closest friends who went with MIVF said they recommended it to her? Maybe she did it at Monash, can't be 100% sure.....anyhoo, I went to lie down and little man won't leave me alone. I got him used to being cuddled for a few minutes before putting him down to sleep/nap, so today he screamed and doesn't want to go down. I really want to avoid picking him up, last time I lasted almost 3 days x

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    Dec 2006

    Hi all,
    time for a new thread - here.

    All the best this month.

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