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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Feb 2007 #2

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    Evening Boo, how are things with you?

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    HI Sazz

    hope you're enjoying your TV viewing - we're watching season 8 of charmed at the moment - the final one - and i'm hooked - it's nice when DH is busy - he just doesn't get the whole "shush - i'm watching this" thing!!!

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    Hi Sazz,
    Things are well thanks for asking, still TTCing naturally while we wait for our IVF to start - I feel like we've been waiting for ever . I'm sure it'll be here soon enough...

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    erinmaree Guest


    Hi Everyone,

    I ducked in earlier and introduced myself in the TTC Taking Clomid/metformin thread but thought I should probably pop in here and intriduce myself as well for those that don't fit in the clomid category, hope you don't mind.

    I've been a member of bellybelly for a little while but haven't been around the forums for ages. I thought I'd introduce myself as we're trying for that BFP with assistance. I've been diagnosed with PCOS after 12-18months of irregluar cycles, weight gain and many tests. We started on Provera & Clomid earlier this month so we'll see what happens from here I guess!

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    Hey ladies,

    Just wanted to pop in & say g'day but there are just too many posts to reply to!

    I was offered a promotion at work today which means more responsibility & I'm just not sure if I need anymore stress in my life atm.
    The only thing is I know if I say no the other lady who will be asked is hopeless & I'll end up fixing her mistakes & probably doing the work anyway!

    Any advice!

    Jo - 27 (treated endo)
    Dh - 33
    TTC #1 since June 2005
    First chlomid / IUI Jan/Feb 2007 - BFN
    this will be the year!

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    wow....we have been busy beavers in her today!! Welcome EJE...I am also with MIVF and on day three of GOnal scan is set for Friday morning. We are also doing PGD but for miscarriage issues not translocation. What doctor are you with....I am seeing Lyndon Hale...wonderful man!

    Hi to everyone else....sorry no time for personals still busy making my ring pillow for Saturday...YIKES.....only four days to go!!!!

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    Wow, busy night! That'll teach me to go out.

    Welcome again erinmaree, and welcome aly.

    Quick question regarding trigger shots... Is it normal for the area around the injection site to be red, inflamed and hot? It was really quite ouchy last night, and I kept waking up as I prefer to sleep on my tummy, but when I did, it hurt! I didn't think too much of it, but it's still red and inflamed this morning. I think I should call the clinic when I get a chance.


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    Hi BW

    I was just going to comment that I had my first puregon inj last night and although DH didnt hurt me, it hurt in the area afterwards- kind of like an ache on the skin for about 5 minutes! I hope this doesnt happen for the whole time Im on it!


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    New thread time, everyone.

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