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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Feb 2007 #3

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    I so completely know what you mean there, Kim. As devestating as it was yesterday to find my cycle cancelled yesterday, I am feeling comfortable with the decision now, and relieved that it was so close to the beginning of things. Not that they talked about it in those terms, but giving me a trigger shot and telling me that I can expect another period soon really tells me that we are starting a new cycle, not just pushing this one back. I'm sure the medications are messing with your emotions, as well as having to deal with the whole emotional aspect of finding yourself doing IVF. I hope everything seems better in the morning and you get some answers from the doctor. And hopefully an apology for them not getting back to you when they said they would.


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    Hey there,

    Shaz - I'm so sorry that it wasn't your time again this cycle, it's hard for us to make you feel better but we do no how your feeling.
    Your not alone in this rollarcoaster ttc ride!

    Mel - I am so excited for your wedding, I hope you are not stressing too much just really try & enjoy the day because it goes so quick. (don't sweat the small stuff)

    Kim - sorry your having a rotten time atm with the spotting, some nurses are hopeless sometimes!
    I don't think they realize that the drugs we are on make us really emotional & they need to make you feel important because you are.
    They are suppossed to be there to help you!

    Well haven't decided about my job yet & to tell you the truth I wish I had changed jobs before we started ttc.
    I have stayed at current job thinking that when I fall pg I can still work a couple of days a week there & I would be quite happy at that but little did we know that it would take us so long.
    I could have been in another job for almost two years by now!

    My Dh did have a good idea about maybe doing a trial for 3 months & if it's too much for me I can go back to how I am now.
    I also think it might take ttc off my mind a little which has to be a good thing.
    Thanks for your advice, I'm going to try & get the weekend to think about it some more.

    Jo - 27 (treated endo)
    Dh - 33
    TTC #1 since June 2005
    First chlomid / IUI Jan/Feb 2007 - BFN
    this will be the year!

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    Hey girls

    OMG!! How huge has this tread grown!!!!!!! There is no way i could do personals, there are just too many LOL... Just wanted to let you guys know that Kim is now 7DPO, she had her IUI with two follicles a week ago and today she had some period like cramps and a massive headache....signs of implantation???

    Shaz big hugs sweetheart! By the way where do you go for your accupuncture? I was going to Newstead Holistic Medicine but they charge me $70 each time and it was getting unaffordable.

    Take care girls

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    Just a quick one from me -

    I did my HPT and as expected a BFN off to the NP so maybe she can enlighten me a little.

    2mums - good luck on catcking that eggie

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    Im sorry Loula!

    Was this IVF? God its just so draining isnt it???

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    Sammi Jane Guest


    I'm sorry too Loula. It is just so difficult. I can't wait till we're all pg and happy!!! Big hugs to you.

    TwoMums - I hope it's implanting!!! Fingers crossed, only 7 days to go....

    Kim - I hope you get some words of wisdom from your dr today. I'm sure everything will be fine!

    to everyone else.

    Well AF arrived today for me so I guess that means we're going ahead with IVF... I was still holding hope (just a little) that I might have fallen pg the last cycle before IVF, but no such luck. Oh well. I feel pretty sh*tty too - tired and irritable. To be expected I guess.

    I hope everyone has a good day.

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    Well my DH got back he's 3rd Tunnel assay test (DNA Fragmentation test).
    For those of you who don't know the 1st was done at a different FS and he got a glowing 12.5% which puts him in a HIGH fertility potentional. Then we went to a new FS and he did the test again and he got an appaliing 36% which puts him in a very bad fertility potential. Then we demanded another test because of the huge descrepinacy and it came back at 22% which still isnt great but its OK! Half way I guess. So im still a little concerned but also I feel a little better that its not so bad! Has anybody elses DH had this test done?

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    By the way Sammi,

    Dr called and she thinks I might be spotting due to the internal scan, as she asked me whether my DH and I were doing the deed (no) and she feels that the scan could have done the same thing! Its quite normal she said but she's going to look at my scan next week to see if the follies are growing like they should! I know that my follies do grow as Ive had two IUI's and they grew perfectly for that! So heres hoping!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your support! I really need it as Ive told noone Im going through this! Except my mum of course!

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    Sammi Jane Guest


    Kim - I don't know anything about the DNA test, sorry. That's good news from the Dr. Try not to worry and just visualise what should be happening in your body! I'm sure all will be fine at next week's scan.

    That's what we're all here for - support! Glad to be of some help. I actually told 2 people yesterday - one friend who's been through IVF and so I feel very comfortable talking to and also a friend at work. The friend at work is pretty understanding, she's also ttc. Didn't talk about it much, just told them. I feel like I should tell my Mum but not sure when I'll get a chance...

    Have a good day!

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    dream bub Guest


    HI Girls - Thanks to all for your support after my BFN.

    Been back to the FS today as he we didnt catch up yesterday after my test results. I am not sure how I feel after talking to him, he is definately still hopeful and is really one of the best around. He is going to consult with Dr DeAmbrosis on my case and offered for me to see him (same clinic) for a second opinion. They know that I am now turning in to a bit of a mess - Ive been toughing it out for 11 cycles and frankly I want answers.

    I asked him again for Metformin and he is still reluctant to prescribe it as I have no insulin resistance and am not overweight at all. I also have a healthy diet. Is anyone else in the same boat but HAS been prescribed Metformin that is not overweight and does not have insulin resistance?????????. I do have problems with excess hair (which costs me a fortune to maintain with Laser!) and my scalp hair is really weak and fine and getting worse. Skin is OK. He also told me my PCOS is quite serious and affecting the quality of my eggs. He told me that the Cochrane assesment of Metformin is that its not proven to improve egg quality?? I didnt ask at the time wether this was only tru if you are NOT insuling resistant? Even after my 10w misarriage last June I was hopeful that it had worked and that now i was on the right track it would be fine. Ive done two full stim cycles since then and still nothing Dr Sacks has answred my e-mail suggesting that I dont use my single snowbub until after my appt with him, so thats a delay I wasnt wanting to happen.

    Lou - Hope you are OK. Not sure exactly what tests will be done at this stage but will make sure I post them once I've been . They are also listed in the book I am reading called "Is your Body Baby Friendly" by Dr Alan Beer. SO might be able to list them from the book, Ive also seen a great post by Suzi Q(Ithink) in another forum which is what started me on this path.......

    2mums - could well be implantation. I hope so. Fingers crossed for you both. My acupuncturist is David McLeod in Wicham Tce - Healthwise clinic....Just checked my last receipt and it was definately $46, more for your first visit.

    Sorry for the long post and the venting - I usually keep it in, not wanting others to think it might be getting to me and it might be time I gave up.

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    Hi Girls,

    just wanted to say that no one expects for you to do personals to anyone. Many threads tend to end up having people who just lurk coz they're too scared to post in case they forget to post a personal message to someone. This has never been an issue before in the LT threads, but unfortunately there are now so many of us that have found our way here that it's busier than it's ever been.

    I've always been really bad at personals, so I post mainly if I have something helpful to contribute. I hope none of you think I'm ignoring you if everything is going well with you! Lol!

    Mainly I come on to read about where everyone's at, and also to tell everyone where I'm at, if its applicable. I do this in all the threads I contribute to.

    So don't worry if it's just short and sweet and just telling us what you're up to!

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    In my own little world.

    Default Finally got DH results.

    Hi lovely ladies, hope everyone has had a good day,
    Shaz, Just want to let you know that I'm so sorry about your BFN. Hope you get some answers really soon.
    Loula, I'm sorry for your HPT reasults & symptoms too. I hope BT is soon to let you know for sure either way.
    Twomums, good luck with implantation!!! Hope this is the lucky one for you both.
    Finally we have the results of DH y deletion tests back. (they were done mid Dec) and Dr says everything is fine in the genetic department so we can still use DH swimmers even though he has low numbers, low quality and low morph.!!! We have been sitting here wringing our hands for weeks now cause he said it would take a month for the results and we kept thinking something must be wrong. I wonder how long they have had the results back before we rang again to get them? Sometimes I feel like they are sooo busy how are they going to remember all our needs? Will just have to keep on to them. He said now just wait for AF and phone to book on. Then they will courier all drugs and instructions here and I dont have to go back till first scan. Glad not to travel if we dont have to cause it takes the whole day really and quite inconvenient workwise.
    Well, thats all from me, hope you all are ok
    Hugs, SAZZ

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    HI all - we really are are busy bunch lately! it seems to be that this thread is expanding a heap - it's sad that we're all going through such a difficult time TTC, but at least we're all here to support each other through it all

    BW - i so hope you're lucky enough to catch that stray little egg - and if nothing else, at least have fun trying!
    Shaz - so sorry about your BFN - there's no one on here that will tell you it's time to give up - we'll be here to support you for as long as you need us
    TwoMums - have fingers and toes crossed for a BFP for you
    Mel - good luck for this weekend - i hope you have a fabulous day - ejoy every second of it and don't let anything ruin your day! you can worry about the little things next week - for this weekend, it's all about you - and i really hope you enjoy your special day!

    as for me - well, ttc on hold for the next month or so i think. Dental op is in a couple of weeks, so feeling more than a little stressed about it. have been struggling for a while to deal with everything (TTC, dental stuff, privacy issues at work, family issues) and pretty much fell apart yesterday. decided that, after months of knowing somthing didn't feel right but being too scared to admit it, that i'd seek some help, so going to get some counselling to see if i can get my head back in the right space - i'm just sick of being on the brink of tears all the time. i know i'm still early in the TTC journey, and things are likely to get harder before they get easier - so i really want to deal with the "other" emotional issues before we go any further on this path - otherwise, it's highly unlikely i'd cope. it was a massive deal for me yesterday admitting that i had a problem - but simply taking that step has made me feel as if a pretty big weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
    Last edited by briggsy's girl; February 22nd, 2007 at 05:07 PM. Reason: OMG - typed BFN instead of BFP - i'm soooooooo sorry 2 mum's!!!

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    I think Sushee made a very valid point as in here is really busy at the moment, and agree too with BG that we are all a friendly lot. Just goes to show that having a baby isnt as easy as what people are lead to beleive.

    DH has booked himself in for next week for u/s and his "sperm anaysis" he was whinging about the cost, going do you know what I could probably get for that, I wont write it on the forum though ROFL cheeky bugger. We have had our ups and downs, hes been very moody and we had this huge argument about something non related to treatment but it fact it does as it justs cost us money we wernt planning on. So it was his fault and then turns around and says hes cancelling all the tests. With steam billowing out my ears its hard to remain calm and know this reaction is only because hes scared and worried. Although I didnt explode, maybe the Metformin for me is calming!!!teehee. I have no idea. AF hasnt arrived, dont even know what cycle day im on, what a change that makes. I had some cramping but think its just the tablets. We are just in the waiting for these results to give us a heads up of where to go next.

    I dont know how many people beleive in "readings" or any spirital readings of any sort but during this TTC stress, Ive had 2 just to see what it was like. One predicted a boy in my life but not soon, well this was a fair while ago. The other predicted a boy in may would be in my life- i put this down to having a friends christening at this time and they are coming over here for it. But she has a girl. Its those little glimmers of hope no matter how irrational at other times that keep me going some days.

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    It's been a long day here, so I'm mainly just popping in to say hello.

    Feel kinda like I'm back in limbo - not actually doing anything related to IVF, but thankfully not on the pill this time either!

    Anyone know how long after a trigger shot I can expect to ovulate? I guess that would decide whether I'm in my TWW or not. I guess this is really only my second TWW ever - just hoping for a longer luteal phase than last time (8 days).


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    Hi everyone, just popping in to let you know that i had my first u/sound today and all went well. Didn't see a heart beat just yet but my FS isn't concerned about that because it's still so early. Everything else looked good. I'm just taking it one day at a time for now.

    I guess with it being so busy in here it's probably a good time for me to move on. I will still come in and check on you all and offer support wherever I can. I wish you ALL the best of luck and hope to see you ALL graduate out of here really soon.

    I cannot thank you all enough for the support you've given me

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    I will miss you, Willow. But I'm very, very happy that you are graduating from here. I'm wishing you the safest, happiest pregnancy ever. Hopefully I won't be too far behind you.


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    Mstickles Guest


    Hey BW - My FS told me that you ovulate around 36 hours after the trigger shot - give or take some hours though I would think....

    Have a great pregnancy Willow - very happy for you.

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