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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Jan 2008 #2

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    Default tigerlinda

    Welcome back from Melbourne...... I did go the Gym..... once. Hubby went last night..... I got out of it by cooking dinner instead..... maybe i ll go tomorrow.

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    rather hazy Guest


    Ahhh, thanks Slyder. I think I should print a list off of the abbrev. and keep them at my desk. I don't know what all the terminology is yet I'm sure I'll learn quick now that I'm in these shoes!

    Thank you Tiggerlinda for sending luck my way - I'll take as much as I can get.

    Angel Babies - I do have so many questions, as I'm sure you all did when you started out. I've done some reading to get some extra information and there's one thing that's kind of worrying me. My menstrual cycle is about 35 days. I never paid much attention whilst TTC but each time I thought I was due - it'd be a week late. When I think back, it always seemed that my menstrual cycle was longer than 28 days. I've read that cycles can be between 28-35 days and that ovulation in the instant of a 35 day cycle is about 20 days after the start of the period. However, I get the (don't mean to get gross here) muucus stuff (can't think what technical term is) seems to arrive about 9 to 14 days after I start. From what I can tell this is something to be careful of when planning the PU (thanks Slyder!).

    1. Is this normal.
    2. Will they have to monitor me for a cycle before I actually start anything involved with IVF?

    Like I said, I'm quite an impatient person and want to start straight away!

    Whoever said "Patience is a virtue" obviously never had to wait for anything, ever!

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    hi hazy

    when you're going through an IVF cycle, the clinic basically take away any "control" your body has on the cycle it'self. they will monitor everything closely to make sure it is at the levels and times that they need! nothing is left to chance - even people who are cycling at 60+ days are able to have their cycle "created" to the specifications of the ivf clinic. they won't monitor a "natural" cycle for you unless they're talking about doing insemination on a natural cycle - if you're going to IVF entirely - they will take control of it all - and you get to "sit back" and enjoy the ride...

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    Default Abbreviations


    I was given a like to the abbreviations a while ago, dont remember what thread it was on but i saved it to desktop, saved me big time, I would read a post and go back and forth to the list. I cant remember where I saw the link so i ll copy it in here for you

    General Conversation Forum Terms

    SAHM - Stay at Home Mum
    WAHM - Work at Home Mum
    LOL - Laughing out Loud
    ROFL - Rolling on Floor Laughing
    PMSL - P!ssing Myself Laughing
    LMAO - Laugh my a$$ off (often extended to other things!)
    j/k - Just Kidding
    IMHO - In My Honest Opinion
    IMO - In My Opinion
    brb - Be Right Back
    bbl - Be Back Later
    WB - Welcome Back
    IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean
    DH - Dear Husband
    DD / DS - Dear Daughter or Dear Son
    PMSL - ****ing Myself Laughing
    MIL - Mother In Law
    FIL - Father In Law
    DF - Dear Fiance
    DP - Dear Partner
    SO - Significant Other (if you are just dating someone)
    BBIAB - Be Back In A Bit
    TMI - Too Much Information!
    HTH - Hope this helps
    ATM - At the moment
    BTDT - Been there, done that
    TTFN - Ta Ta For Now!
    TIA - Thanks in advance
    WWNN - Wink Wink Nudge Nudge
    BB (as in i have sore bb) - Boobies
    BB (as in BB is a great website) - BellyBelly
    WRT - With Regard To
    JIC - Just In Case
    ETA - Edited to Add
    (sp?) - spelling? (as in, have I spelt this correctly)
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly

    TTC Terms

    TTC - Trying To Conceive
    AF - Aunt Flo (Your period)
    TWW - Two Week Wait
    CD - Cycle Date
    DPO - Days past ovulation
    HPT - Home pregnancy test
    OPK - Ovulation prediction kit
    BFN - Big fat negative - in relation to HPT
    BFP - Big fat positive - in relation to HPT
    EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucous
    CM - Cervical Mucus
    BBT - Basal Body Temperature
    BD - Baby Dance (sex)
    DTD - Do The Deed
    POAS - Pee On A Stick
    PCOS - Poly Cycstic Ovarian Syndrome
    FF - Fertility Friend (charting website)

    IVF Terms

    PGD - Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    ET - Embryo Transfer
    FET - Frozen embryo transfer
    Natural FET - Following a woman's natural cycle, but putting a frozen embryo back at the same time it would have happened in the woman's cycle
    GIFT - Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer
    ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (where the scientists inject the egg with a single sperm)
    ET - Embryo Transfer
    Protocol - Type, amount and timing of drugs given as part of an assisted conception cycle
    ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology
    EPU - Egg Pickup, where the matured follies are harvested for eggs.
    Beta - Blood test for pregnancy hormone HCG
    Stims - Follicle stimulating hormone drugs
    Follie - Follicles
    BT - Blood test, or blood tracking tests
    Snowbubs - Frozen embryos
    FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormones
    Flare cycle - FSH drugs from start of AF for IVF
    Down Reg - down regulated IVF protocol, suppression drugs prior to AF, then FSH meds from start of AF.
    OPU - ovum pick up (same as epu!)
    IUI - Inter Uterine Insemination
    FS - Fertility Specialist

    Pregnancy Terms

    PG - Pregnant / Pregnancy
    MS - Morning Sickness
    BP - Blood Pressure
    GD - Gestational Diabetes
    GD - Gender Disappointment
    FHM - Fetal Heart Monitor
    US or U/S - Ultrasound
    FM - Fetal Movement
    GTT - glucose tolerance test
    GCT - glucose challenge test
    VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Caesarian
    OB - Obstetrician
    HB - heartbeat
    M/C - Miscarriage
    D&C - Dialtion and Curette
    PIH - Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
    UTD - Up the Duff (pregnant)

    Labour / Baby

    VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Caesarian
    MW - Midwife
    OB - Obstetrician
    Gyn - Gynecologist
    LC - Lactation Consultant
    C/S - Caesarian Section
    MHCN - Maternal Health and Child Nurse
    MHCC - Maternal Health and Child Centre
    ECHN - Early Childhood Nurse
    ECHC - Early Childhood Centre
    PPH - Post Partum Haemmorage
    _AC __Assisted Conception___________

    Hope that helps

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    rather hazy Guest


    Angel Babies you're a gem! Thank you, I'll copy that down now.

    Briggsy's girl - thanks for the info, it was something that was worrying me. IVF sounds more amazing the more I find out about it.

    We are doing ISCI or ICSI cos DH has very low sperm count and none appeared in manual sample so they had to take it direct from the testie.

    oh, I do have another question... I've not been tested to see if everything is ok with me. Do I need to have a laproscopy (not sure if this is the correct procedure) to check that everything is ok with me? I know a lady who is contemplating AI (she's single) and she had to be 'checked out'. Anyone know about this?

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    if there is no sign that you have problems, you probably wouldn't need a Lap - a lot of the time they look for endometriosis during a lap - so if you've nothing to suggest endo, i doubt you'd need it

    if you're doing ICSI, you'll be doing a full IVF cycle - depending on your doctor, he may "down regulate" your hormones with drugs to get you into an artificial menopausal state, then wake up your ovaries to create follicles which are hopefully full of nice healthy eggs! it's an intricate process, and you'll be very closely monitored, especially early on as the doctor won't know how you will respond to the drugs and things.... sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially when doctors say "we'll do X,Y,Z" but forget to explain what X Y and Z are! but ask us whatever you need to - someone has usually been through or is going through something similar, and will jump in and answer where they can

    we're usually a really supportive bunch that will help you out!!

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    Default Hazy

    Well check you out... your in the lingo already......LOL quick quick learner.

    I also had ICSI ......didnt hurt a bit.....LOL. It really did make no difference to our routine. It does for the scientists but not for us.

    After my first visit with my FS he decided that I must have Endometriosis and booked me straight in for a Laparoscopy. As it turned out he was right. (He was a chit of a human but he knew his stuff) I had an advanced laparoscopy. I will just gloss over it and say it wasnt fun. Apparently mine was an extreme case and most Laparoscopies are non issues, they go in have a look and close up and I know that was deffinately the case with 2 other laps i ve had in the past.

    Is it your first appointment with them tomorrow. If so the best advice I have is, read up on it a bit so you know what to ask your FS tomorrow and do not leave that office until your questions are answered. Dont be rushed out the door by your FS. Make sure you are comfortable with what they are saying and that it is clear to you what steps you will be taking and if you dont like the way your FS does things.... GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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    Default briggsy

    Ohhh you are soooo much better at explaining it than I am..... LOL

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    rather hazy Guest


    Oh you're both so fabulous!

    Ok, more questions - with the endometrosis - what exactly is it and what are symptoms? I've not noticed anything abnormal about me (except my brain).

    AB - your experience sounds horrendous, I hope I've got no problems.

    We've had one meeting (it was our initial meeting) with our FS, who then booked DH in for biopsy 2 days after that. Immediately after the biopsy and positive results of finding sperm, the ladies took me to the Sydney IVF clinic in the hospital to make my appointments to see: Accounts, Counsellor & Nurses. As for seeing the actual FS, I don't think that is happening tomorrow. I don't have a future appt with FS yet... I assume the nurses will tell me tomorrow if/when I need one? So far I'm really, really happy with our FS. He's got a lovely manner and has the best reputation in town. I'll see how it progresses but I feel very positive with him.

    Is anyone else not getting any work done today? LOL

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    AB - i just have lots more experience in simplyfying it all!!

    hazy - AB is right - ask your doctor everything - if he says "you have to do X" and X doesn't make sense, ask for more explanation. you're paying them big bucks to help you out - you deserve to understand what they're doing

    your partner has been through the biopsy previously, so i guess he knows what is going to happen to him - the unknown now is for you - we've all been through it (or are going through it) so we'll help you out! there are a couple of us (namely myself and BW) that have been pretty much worse case scenario with failed cycles/under response/over response - so i think if it can happen, we've been through it and will be supportive!

    as for me, i know i haven't been unpdating about my own journey much of late. have been in a bit of a "down" phase - just feeling pretty low about where we're at and the fact that, before our next FET, we will have hit the three year mark on TTC. i'm on the pill at the moment for an FET sometime late Feb or early-mid march - and it's hating me as much as i'm hating it!

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    rather hazy Guest


    3 years! wow, that is a very long & tough road you're on BG. They say the IVF process is emotionally draining & after 3 years of TTC I'm sure you've experienced every realm.

    DH had the biopsy on Friday and we only had our first appt with him on the Wednesday, so things have moved very quickly with us - which we are very pleased about.

    When you say you're on the pill, do you mean The Pill.... if so, then I'm confused. Doesn't The Pill prevent contraception? I'm sorry to sound so naive. If you don't want to talk about it, I understand completely.

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    RH, it's one of the greatest ironies that the first thing most FSs do in order to start an IVF cycle is put you on the pill.

    Yep, it does prevent conception, but we're past the point here where natural conception is seriously considered to be a viable option. It's about having hormones under control and being able to demand AF appear when needed. It's a very normal part of IVF treatment - particularly if you undergo a down regulated long cycle. I need to use drugs to force my body to ovulate for frozen embryo transfers - if our expected ovulation and transfer falls at an inconvenient time, I simply go on the pill for however long is necessary, and then I can time things more conveniently. Not something I'd recommend for people doing truly natural FET cycles, but my issues and medications make it possible for me and the FS to manipulate things in such a way.


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    rather hazy Guest


    oh my god, my list of questions is growing!!! I've not been on the pill for about 8 years!

    it all seems so backwards. Thanks for the info BW - you ladies really are fantastic

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    Default Hazy

    Ohhh this is sooooo going to make me sound like Ive got it all down pat....LOL..... I havent Hazy......I m learning as I go, just like you are.

    Ohhh and Hazy..... when I first logged on Briggsy helped me..... more than she probably knows......... very very wise one there!!!!!!

    "Endometriosis is a common condition which is affected by oestrogen. It is associated with pelvic pain and infertility.

    Endometriosis causes cells of the uterus to be found outside the uterus itself. It is difficult to make the diagnosis of endometriosis and the surgical treatment of the condition can also be a challenge. Endometriosis is often without symptoms and is therefore commonly found without intention during procedures like ultrasounds and autopsies. The diagnosis of endometriosis is an extremely important one to make. It is a condition that has major effects on patients both physically and mentally. It is associated with an increased risk of cancers including ovarian, breast and skin; it has also been associated with an increased incidence of autoimmune disease. "

    "endometriosis, a painful condition that affects one in 10 women, usually of childbearing age. In addition to painful menstrual periods, it can cause fertility problems, heavy bleeding, painful intercourse and appears to be associated with autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and thyroid disorders."

    "Endometriosis, simply put, is when the lining of the uterus, or the womb, is located where it should not be: outside of the uterus,"

    Hoped that helped. Because of having a FS that wasnt good from the point of communication, I have had to rely on everyone on here and on web sites.... the above quotes are from "the virtual medical center" sometimes you find out more than you wanted to know, but like you, i m inpatient and want to know now.....LOL

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    i'm a little like BW - and a lot not like her!!!

    i don't have a cycle at all - and my FS isn't able to give me anything that my body will respond to to help me ovulate and create a natural-ish cycle for the FET - some FS' prefer you to ovulate for transfer, but for some, they're happy to build a lining to the uterus and transfer with lots of support afterward (i still don't get how this can work, but hey, i'm no FS!!)

    For BW, she goes on the pill, stops it, gets AF, then takes drugs to force her to ovulate - FET after ovulation

    For me, i go on the pill, stop it to force AF to visit (she might not show for 6 months otherwise), then on HRT (the stuff they use on post-menopausal women) - which should create an edometrial lining - once that is confirmed, we'll stop that, transfer, and then be on luteal phase support to try and help the embies stick - it's all very complex!!!

    AB/Hazy - there is probably a slightly increased risk of ectopic pg in ivf - but i think the main reason the friend is having a lap before AI (IUI) is bacause you actually DO ovulate - so they need to make sure there is no endo stopping the egg getting to the tube, and no blockages stopping the egg and sperm meeting...

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    rather hazy Guest


    wow, soooo much information, thanks for the info AB for the quotes - I do get painful AF (aunt flo - what a classic!) pains but I've had them ever since I got my AF - look can I just call it Aunt Flo, thats way too funny to abbrev. In last 6 - 8 months though I've noticed that my breasts get sore just before Aunt Flo - that's never happened to me before. For the last 6 months I thought I was pregnant only to be disappointed with the unwanted arrival of Aunt Flo.

    I know a young woman (she's about 21) and at puberty didn't get her Aunt Flo. So the natropath or doctor (can't remember which) put her on the pill to 'force' her Aunt Flo. So, she'd been on the pill for years and stopped taking it a few years ago & Aunt Flo stopped also. The doctor investigated this and found she had a tumor on her brain that affected her Aunt Flo business.

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    Default Abbreviations

    Hazy...... I cracked up at some of the abbreviations as well, but its funny I havent even been a member for a month and now they are second nature. Hubby and I had been trying to work them all out. Ohhhhh did we come up with some beauties. The first one I came accross was TTC..... I thought.. wow what is that, is it painful, can you catch it..... found out what it meant...... ohhh boy did i laugh at myself. As for AF.... ohhhhh had me in stitches.... now i use them all the time even when I m not on the computer... told hubby.... just dont know if Auntie Flow is going to visit this month or whether I ll get a BFP. Funny thing now is that he knows them as well.

    Briggsy..... I might be new at assisted concepttion but i m not new at emotional rollercoasters, unfortunately. ...... Please if i can even just be an ear at times, dont hesitate.

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    thanks AB - there's just been some stuff with the pill giving me grief, on top of the three year thing - i kinda spat it all out in my journal - i find lots of support on BB - but i tend to keep to my journal when i'm not actively cycling - i come in here to support others and kinda forget to mention stuff with me! even my poor journal had been neglected for a week - but i updated today!

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