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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Oct 2007 #2

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    Apr 2007
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    hi all,
    holly, missy has a blog now with all the latest news on her cycle.
    mon, sorry au naturale wasn't for you this month, but wishing you luck this cycle.
    shannon, where is she when we want her!!

    i had a much calmer day today. drugs are hitting me hard this time, tired and vague, with sore ovaries/belly but i feel quite good emotionally because we are still able to go ahead with the cycle. i had yoga after work, my body isn't feeling as good as it can be but it is nice to have a big old stretch. no wonder it is also good for pregnancy.

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
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    AF fully arrived last night have been in pain FS has subscribed pain killers which DH is on the way to get. Next stage is a lap and another cycle next year for us we ill still have BT Monday but not holding out much hope on that just moving forward

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    Apr 2007
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    oh TL my heart goes out to you and your DH. please take care of yourselves and be kind to yourself emotionally. you did absolutely everything you could possibly do.

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    TL..im so sorry hun take care and all the best with your next cycle
    MISSY.. im thinking of you today and pray you get a heap of big follies

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    Hi TL - I am so sorry, I wish you all the luck for your next cycle

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    TL I'm so sorry, hun.

    New thread time, everyone.

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