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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - August 2005

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    Sal Guest

    Bee, what a bummer. *huge hug* Will you do a back-to-back FET next?

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    Sep 2004

    Ali - it does seem that it is the crinone that is causing all that yucky stuff... I have had a little as well.

    Sush - Cant believe you only have 9 days to wait until BT - I have 12! You can hang in there and no peeing, k? Dont be thinking you havent been successful yet, you are still just as likely to be pg. Sounds like your FS is feeling positive for you!

    Cazz - I had some follies reabsorb last cycle... apparently. Sending you lots of **follie growing dust**

    Shell - I checked out your photo and I have to say looks pretty good to me!

    Have a quick question for everyone - how long were you using the progesterone pessaries for post transfer? My clinic has given me enough for 7 days only. I dont feel that is enough. What do you guys think??

    Thanks to everyone for their luck and well wishes! We actually made it to transfer - YAYE! So here I sit with a strong little embie on board.

    Also as for the 4 embies that we were told had stopped growing? Well we got told today that 3 of those 4 have despite it all actually decided to keep in growing meaning we have 10 embies! Now with one on board we are hoping to be able to freeze the remaining 9, but wont know until tomorrow afternoon because they are not at freezable stage as far as they are concerned.

    But feeling hopeful and positive right now.... just wish the wait to BT was not so long!

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    Sep 2004

    Bee, honey Im so sorry... :hugs: wish you had an explanation for that. Thinking of you.

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Oh Bee, I'm soooo sorry, hope u get that BFP ASAP...

    Sushee, I was feelin very positive, up until early-mid in the TWW, then all of a sudden I felt like it wasn't going to happen, now this. Hopefully expecting our 1st, which to me is just going to be extra special, so hence why I'm getting sooo excited, sorry if I've brought any of u down, I know u all deserve BFP's, so lotsa sticky vibes to us all. Hang in there. I know many of u have been thru TTC alot longer than I, so hope u ALL get BFP's ASAP.

    You too Keen, u need to put some more sticky vibes, goodluck symbols etc next to your name on page 1, although you won't need that luck, as this mth is going to be it for u & Sushee too.

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    Apr 2005

    Keen - It does seem a bit strange that you only have seven days worth. I have 15 days worth & have been told that if I get that BFP will most likely continue on the crinone for a bit longer. I would definitely be asking questions about that one darl. BTW great news about your embies, it must feel sooooo good to know you have all of those precious extras.

    Take care

    Ali xxxxxxxxx

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    Sep 2004

    hhhmmmm thats what I was thinking too Ali. Might just call doc and request a prescription for some more crinone...

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    ness4 Guest

    Keen ~ This is the latest info from the Dr's and that the progesterone is now done for everyone. Crinone gel in the morning and pessaries for night (is that what your on?), thats what I was on and I had them all throughout the TWW and beyond. On my 7th attempt (1st FET) I fell pg (later m/c) but after BFP I still had to do gel and pessaries. The reason is - an embryo produces progesterone - so the Dr's have decided that if they flood the body with progesterone then the embryo will get comfy and stay (touch wood) - you are taken off them around 8-10 weeks pg - so as not to make the embryo go cold turkey from no progesterone.

    Be warned I had horrible back aches with this - its natural to have back aches when pg because of the production of progesterone. I also found that these drugs mimicked alot of pg signs so be careful. Worst of all if you are not pg (hope this is opposite for you) then you will not get AF straight away. Progesterone holds back AF, so you don't get it until about 1 week after stopping gel and pessaries.


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    ness4 Guest

    Bee ~ I am so sorry AF found you :flower:

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    Feb 2005

    Bee, so sorry for you, that seems quick for AF, is it. Did you have any hormone support.

    Sticky vibes to those with embies on board.

    And good luck to all the waiters, but I guess we all are in a way aren't we.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness

    Bee, I'm so sorry AF arrived. I am amazed that it came so early (??) What's that about? I hope you're doing back to back FETs. You still have some snowbubs don't you?

    Keen, Yay on finally getting to transfer! OMG, I knew we were meant to be cycle buds!

    As for progestorone support, I used Crinone for my very first cycle, but am now only 200mg pessaries 3 times a day. Lots less yuck, but yuck all the same. The clinic used to give me 60 tabs previously, but have reduced them to 45 this time (smaller bottles), so I have enough for 15 days. Doesn't sound right that you only have enough for 7 days.

    And while I know I shouldn't POAS, I don't think I'm going to be able to resist. I am truly scared of getting to that phone call full of hope, only to be told that it's no cigar again.


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    Sep 2004

    Ok, you guys have convinced me that my initial reaction was right and I will contact Doc tomorrow and request more Crinone - even if I have to pay for it on top of what we have already spent. I am currently having it twice a day, but only have enough to last me through to this Sunday. Does anyone know about how much it costs?

    Sush, I know what you mean about POAS. I have a feeling that I will this time seeing as I have to wait so long!

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    Apr 2005

    Keen - Sorry can't help with the cost but I'm only on the crinone once a day and that's it as far as luteal support.......... I just wish every clinic did it the same as it would save a lot of worry & confusion

    Ali xxx

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    i am losing my mind i'm convinced now !!!!! i rang the clinic regarding the amount of injectibles in the Gonal F vials they gave me i was told there was 1200iu in each well i got to this mornings injection and i only had 50iu so i had to mix up the other vial to get the other 150iu i shouldn't have finished that first vial till tomorrow so i am missing 350 iu :smt102 and i am so sick to death of being spoken to like i am being stupid getting answers is not only a career but near impossible i have paid a crap load of money and invested my heart and soul into this and just feel like i should just give up now and save myself the heart ache ](*,)

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    Sep 2004

    Shazz.... seems pretty straight forward - you are right and they just dont want to admit a mistake! You're right you are paying a tonne of money for their service, its about time they provided a proper one.

    I hate how when you speak to these nurses they make you feel stupid. Even though you should be able to ask anything and get a straight answer.

    Hope you get some answers Shazz, just doesnt seem right that they are not listening to you!

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    May 2004

    Bee - Hugs.

    Shazz - Ring the clinic again and put your mind at rest, do not be put off by the nurses, they make mistakes ALL of the time.

    Sticky vibes for all those with BOB!!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I went through with Micheal Gronow,
    Not fantastic manner but great results.

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    Jan 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi all,
    Bee, I am sooooo sorry AF has arrived. Sounds like work is keeping you too busy to even have time to think about it. I know you will be back to try again soon.
    Shell, looking good. Hope you get to be our first august graduate (there is going to be at least 3 this month \/ )
    Keen, Keep that bubba safe and sound for 9 months.
    shazz, sounds like those vials are messing with your head. Hope the nurses listen to you this time.
    I had my IVF appt today and was pleasantly surprised. The doctor was really nice and by the end I was feeling like we were just having a chat over a cup of coffee, rather than a doctor's appointment.
    Poor DP got a hard time about smoking and was very embarrassed when I talked about how we didn't BD much. But he was very happy as the doctor agreed that timing BDing puts too much pressure on and that you should just do it 2 or 3 times a week, when you feel like it. So he says he is now only doing it when we want to!
    She said my eggs were likely the problem, as previously I had no probs. getting pg. but was happy to have a go at IVF with my eggs but we are going to do a day 2 blood test, which I think tests FSH, to see if that is looking OK. If that looks OK, we may do a cycle with my eggs but if it is not OK we will probably do a donor egg cycle.
    Only problem of course is finding a donor. The anonymous donor list is closed as it has a 5 year wait so the other options are a known donor ie. friend or relative or an unknown donor ie. advertise for a donor. Both DP and I feel more comfortable with the known donor option but of course as we are both in our 40s most of the people we know are that age so we are both wracking our brains trying to think of people we know under 35 and preferably in their 20's that might consider being a donor for us. She says a donor egg cycle with a donor under 35 has a 1 in 3 chance of working whereas, with my age it is 1 in 500 so it is like, why would we bother with my eggs?
    so looks like I will be hanging out with you for a bit longer.

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    So Sorry Bee - it is so disappointing to say the very least. No words can comfort but your friends are here.

    Ali & All I only had 14 days worth of Crinone and I got AF before I finished it - it doesn't always delay AF.

    Keen - Congratulations with your little cub -hope they are snuggling in for long hibernation.

    If you get a script there is apparently a chemist near Merrylands that sells it cheaper than most clinics I wil try to PM the lady I met online and ask her.

    My clinic said you don't need it after 14 days (starting from ET) because embryo makes their own but if i get BFP I will be inisisting on staying on it.

    Anney - wishing you all the best as you weigh up your options

    Shazz- keep ringing them I wish they didn't give you so much grief - you already have enough to worry about - you need not worry over this too. I hope you get straight answers.

    I've got my 1st BT Friday to detect Ovulation and I got the okay to have Pregnyl for luteal phase support so I much happier.

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