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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - August/September '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Sushee, I think it's great you still stick your head in. Don't leave us!!! Glad all is going well for you and hope the ms will ease soon.
    Hey Blue, how are you??
    I went back to the "real" world today (work).
    Got heaps to do here so no time for any other personals atm. Hope you're all well

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Hello lovely ladies :wave:
    thank you all for your wonderful support the past 1.5 weeks

    I have been reading and reading but still trying to catch up where you are all at

    I am back - waiting for Ovulation and [-o< my last little snowbub survives the thaw for another FET -day 7 now - bloodtests start Wednesday
    also going natural means we can b'd and hoping o from L side where my tube is - b*ugger O was right side last month

    Blue- I am so sorry it breaks my heart for your pain.I just don't know what to say -there aren't enough words to comfort you after such good start I hope it is all a mistake too It is so unfair

    Cazz - I am so sorry you still have to wait it out -thinking of you

    Humphrey - I so understand how much it is a pain getting up early for round trip to hospital but worth it when we focus on prize ahead

    Keen - thinking of you too -love the book idea hope Af comes quick for you so get on with FET

    Shez -goodluck now you are in 2ww

    Sheree - you are forever an inpsiration -hope Clomid pulls off a miracle for you -a la natural

    Ali - goodluck with this antagonist cycle - you are so positive

    welcome Amanda -goodluck with AIH -

    Ann -how are you going ?

    Anney - any news with your cycle ?

    Bee - any news with your BT on 2nd ? I have wondered how you were doing -you have been quiet too

    Kelly - goodluck with next bloodtest tomorrow

    Racheal - don't give up - Melbo had BFN and got a BFP Thinking fo you during this cr*ap time of waiting for news

    Chris - have you popped back in -not long now till your special day and birthday -thinking of you for yesterday & today

    Leisa - yay almost starting the trip of a lifetime

    Welcome Gillian - hope you don't get too comfy - and IUI is a success for this cycle

    Janee - how are you - have you been lurking or away waiting ?

    Mel 09 - hope you get answers and your own BFP soon

    Ness -how is stimming going - not sure if you posted but how are follicles goinf only a week to go before OPU

    Sue - thinking of you and all your decisions to amke and FS to quiz -hope you find out what you need to

    Tam - hope E2 comes up nicely and you are ready for FET

    Nola - are you joining us soon ? you msut be starting soon

    Angelique - have you found us in here yet ?

    Angel thanks for updating us all - you are a true angel

    if I missed anyone I am sorry but I will be back later to catch up more

    Shazz, Mel, Shell , Sushee and of course Tiff, Jo, Amy,Tam & Gabby- hi and thinking of you all and your precious bubs
    there a has been a great run of success hope it keeps on rolling -

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    Aug 2005

    So good to have you back Trish. Hope you're getting along ok.
    You're amazing, keeping track of everything like that.
    for you this cycle
    Big hug

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Trish!! Good to see you! How are you doing? Your positive attitude is such an inspiration.

    Hi Sue - I'm doing okay. I ended up doing the BT today and the numbers have fallen even further (40) so I guess I'll be hanging around in here for a little while longer - if you'll have me! 8-[
    How was work? Hope it wasn't too taxing on you!

    I'll be rubbing my dogs feet for everyone!!

    :bluestick: :bluestick:

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    Aug 2005

    Sorry Blue, I was really hoping they'd stuffed up with their results.
    Work, yep, a good distraction I suppose. Hmmmm.
    Yep, hang around, we may be able to cycle together again!!! I'll be armed with more info thanks to the girls in here. Will go in there on Thursday with my little list and see what happens! Just have to get the pronunciations right... Lucky I don't have to say proggynova.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Me too Sue. Had a picture in my mind of the boss yelling at some pimply little nerdy high school work experience kid... Oh well. I think I knew in my heart what the result was going to be, I just didn't want to give up.
    LoL - you just want to say it though dont you - proggynova!! tee hee

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    Jul 2005

    hiya baby amore and all the ladies out there

    Well not long now until i pop that first provera tablet.. I am getting very anxious.. it almost feels like a tide coming in a rising higher. The closer i get to starting the IVF the more anxious I am getting.. I couldn't sleep last night, IVF dreams and the fact that my 'restless leg syndrome' is so out of control with my anxiety.

    I had the weirdest dream.. I was sitting in the day surgery of Sydney IVF and all the other ladies in there were all succesful in their pregnancies and they were all wearing wedding dresses #-o I hadn't been succesful.. so get this.. this is where it gets really weird... my IVF doctor stitched the embryo into my womb to make it stick????? I think i seriously need my head read???

    My husband who works in sydney, rang today to say that he had picked up the 'baby juice' ... the lucrin ampules... oh i had to have a laugh.. no matter how nervous i am he still tries to make me laugh God Bless him...

    Good luck ladies and Angelique .. any news ... I am dying to know???

    Baby dust all round..

    Love Firemansgirl (Leisa)

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    Apr 2005

    Trish - So glad to have you back on deck. May this precious little snowbub make all your dreams come true, god knows you deserve it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

    Blue- I'm so sooooo sorry. Take care of yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Can't believe the stupid witch still hasn't flown in.......what's the go? Has anyone else had a long cycle after a stim cycle?

    Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Jul 2005

    hiya ali

    2 of my girlfriends had long cycles after stim.. 35 and 40? I guess your bits go through alot and they are trying to sort themselves out???

    Leis x

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    Apr 2005

    Hi Leis

    Thanks for that info.......... you know what the worst thing is, when I have mentioned it to a couple of people they are like "Maybe you're pregnant". Not matter how many times I've told them that there is absolutely no chance for us naturally, they just can't seem to get it thru their thick skulls.

    Sorry for whinge..................

    Ali xxxxxxx

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    Feb 2005

    Ali, my last cycle was my 'inbetween' IVF & FET and it went an extra 1/2 week, so hopefully you don't have to hold out too much longer.

    Trish, you are a superstar poster, good to see you back on again & got through your difficult week.
    Looks like there are a few of us in/coming to TWW.

    Leisa, what a dream, wait til you actually start, they keep going.

    My scan today showed 9-10mm lining and my E2 was up over 3000 so it's all go for Sunday FET, starting pessaries tomorrow in prep for it.
    Have organised for my mum to be with DD so DH can come in with me, didn't get to do it last time. Have to try to make it feel like he's done/involved in it somewhere along the track.

    Take care

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Ali -mine was a week longer (just enough for my hopes to rise) but I had pregnyl injections that could have affected it too. Hope she comes soon. So frustrating when people say things like that. Whinge away we are here for each others gripes.

    Blue - you are doing it tough and I am thinking of you - your have such a postive attitude too - remember we are here if you need down time .

    Tam - E2 levels are really good -goodluck how many snowbubs do you have ? Glad your DH is going along.

    Leisa I had really crazy dreams too - once that I or my sister had puppies - bit blurry it was so long ago :smt102 anymore.

    Another last week included dreaming last week I got BFP - found out by accident looking a computer screen which said 3 DPO - BFP when I was -3 DPO ](*,) . Now I hope it was foretelling my future.

    Cute DH Leis - love that name 'Baby juice' .... better for Stims though -have to remember that one

    :gossip: Go and look in due in May Belly buddies for Angelique's news

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    cazzoom Guest

    Hi all
    Still around. not much to say as far as I go. still no bleeding/spotting since last wednesday. Not to sure whats going on or when the bleeding is ](*,)
    I have another BT tomorrow. Im pretty sure levels should be zero cos I certainly dont feel pregnant any more. I wonder what they will do about the bleeding???

    hope everyone is doing okay!


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    Nov 2004

    Hi all

    Cazz- Hope you are doing okay you are i my thoughts keep on posting we are all here for you

    Trish- Thanks for the super post i think tou lifted all our spirits

    Blue- How are you feeling? Keep on posting we are all here to listen.

    Sue- How are you going have you decided to go another round in the ring??

    Keen- Have you heard anything about baby Rose Kate sorry i can't private post.

    As for me no :af: but she usually arrives at night. My temp did a big nose dive towards the south pole this morning so it is only a matter of time now. But onwards and upwards. I was speaking to a girlfriend the other day about ttc and she said the most wonderful thing.

    Your time will come the right little soul has not found you yet but it is out there waitng just for you!

    I was in tears when she said this how sweet.

    Well i could rant and rave all day long but i think you would all fall asleep. I feel so comfortable with all of you now and i am sure you all know that after about six months of ttc people stop asking how it is all going as they don't want to be bored with the details of your tragic story.

    Lots of hugs

    SOOOO full of emotion today!!!!!!

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    ness4 Guest

    hi Trish I find out tomorrow how my little follies are doing

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    Apr 2005

    Racheal try not to give up all hope yet, you may just get a wonderful surprise, here's hoping that you do.

    Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Cazz - have been thinking about you and hoping things were okay - not much else I can say but I hope you get answers and a positive solution to this heartache - and wondering

    Racheal - thinking of you - it sucks waiting in 2ww and praying for the witch to get lost
    I am not sure if you posted but how is your friend who passed away from aneurism little baby ? Sorry it if upsets -is this baby Rose Kate you just asked Keen about ?

    That's good Ness - can't wait to hear about follicles - you had good results with eggs to have 6 out of your 7 fertilised eggs survive to transfer and be frozen. Goodluck
    BTW - that is huge dose of Puregon hope it works magic
    I was on 300iu

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    Jul 2005

    Hi ladies.. I was at work today and one of my work colleagues who I am good friends with told me she was pregnant, and that she felt greedy.. as she already had two beautiful kids and she was sorry that it wasn't me.. I knew she was very nervous about telling me, but i told her not to be stupid, as i knew they had been trying for a bit for number 3! She is such a dag!!! BUT the funny thing is.. she gave me inspiration and positive vibes about falling pregnant!!! I was really happy...and the best i have felt in days.. we then proceeded to jump around in the toilets rubbing bellies.. she was trying to rub her "baby germs" off onto me.. God if any other staff member had caught us they would of thought we were lesbians!!! It was such a laugh!!! I think she is glad that she has told me now.. !!! She was told before she had number one that her and DH had only about 1% chance of ever fallen due to her severe endometriosis... well she certainly has proven them all wrong.. fell with all 3 within 3 months of ceasing all birth control.. just goes to show....

    love leis xx

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