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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - July 2005 #5

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    Sep 2004

    Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - July 2005 #5

    Whoah, you ladies are just too quick for me! Or perhaps I am a little slow!

    If you would like to leave your details here for others to view easily and you don't have to repeat yourselves please leave us a msg

    Name -
    State -
    My Previous Cycle Length -
    Cycle Type -
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC -
    Medications -
    Important Dates -

    Current from 31/07/05

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Ann
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 38 - 28
    Cycle Type - Natural
    Months of TTC - 40
    Medications - Nil
    Important Dates -
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Anney
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 26 - 25
    Cycle Type - Natural
    Months of TTC - 26
    Medications - chinese herbs
    Important Dates - 1st August IVF appt
    Reasons for Infertilty: aged 43
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Baby~amore`(Trish)
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 26 - 26 - 26 - 24 - 26 - 22
    Cycle Type - Stim from 1/7/05
    Months of TTC - 9 with #2, 12 years with#1
    Medications - Elavit, Calcium, Syranel, Puregon
    Important Dates - 3rd August BT
    Reasons for Infertilty: R salpingectomy 29/6/05, unknown subfertility
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Baby Bliss (Kelly)
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 34 - 45
    Cycle type - in between treatment
    Months of TTC - 13 for son, 19 and counting for #2
    Medications - 1500 metformin
    Important Dates - 8th August prelim appt MACC
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Name - Babydreams (Shazz)
    State - Qld
    My Previous Cycle Length - 38 - 32 - 34 - 31 - 34
    Cycle Type - Full Stim IVF Cycle
    Months of TTC - 18
    Medications - Folic Acid, Syranel, Gonal F
    Important Dates - 10th Aug possible EPU, possible BFP to follow
    Reason for Infertility - Dh Vasectomy, PCOS ( for me )
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - BBTrail (Ali)
    State - Vic
    My Previous Cycle Length - 25 - 29
    Cycle Type - Down Reg
    Months TTC - Too many
    Medication - Syranel, Gonal F 225ui
    Important Dates - :luck:
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Bee
    State - Vic
    My Previous Cycle Length – Non existent
    Cycle Type - Art Thaw Cycle
    Months of TTC - 28
    Medications - Progynova x3, Pessaries x2
    Important Dates - 5 August BT :luck:
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Blue
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 39
    Cycle type - Down Reg with ICSI
    Months of TTC - Many
    Medications -Microgynon, Lucrin & Gonal F
    Important Dates -
    Reason for Infertility - PCOS, DH abnormal morphology
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Cailin
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 35
    Cycle type -
    Months of TTC - Since June 2005 with 3 months off in between
    Medications -
    Important Dates - BFP
    Reason for Infertility - PCOS
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Caroline (Cazzoom)
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 31 - 54 - 31 - 32
    Cycle type - Stim phasew
    FF Link - http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/1cc75
    Months of TTC - 105
    Medications - Syranel and Puregon
    Important Dates - 1st August follicle scan
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Name - Humphrey
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 27 - 29
    Cycle Type - Natural
    FF Link - http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/3e133
    Months of TTC - 36 for #1, 8 for #2
    Medications - none
    Important Dates - 4th August 1st app with SIVF
    Reason for Infertility - endo, DH has high count of abnormal sperm
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Name - Janee
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 25
    Cycle Type - Natural
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC - 13
    Medications - none, started taking Vitex
    Important Dates -
    Reason for Infertility -
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Name - JoJa
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 28
    Cycle type -
    Months of TTC - 54 for Jack, 8 for number 2
    Medications -
    Important Dates - BFP TWINS
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Name - KeenAs
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 30 - 39 - 17 - 29 - 30 - 27 - 24 - 28 - 29
    Cycle Type - IVF ICSI Blast
    Months of TTC - 48
    Medications - Cronine & Elevit
    Important Dates - 1st August BT & ET :luck:
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Leisa (Firemansgirl)
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 27 - 29 - 33
    Cycle Type -
    Months of TTC - 19
    Medications - Clomid 50mcgs 6 cycles
    Important Dates - Awaiting urology consult for cystoscopy for lesion on bladder before first IVF attempt
    Reason for Infertility - mild PCOS
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Lynny
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 37
    Cycle Type - Natural
    FF Link - http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/5d7c6
    Months of TTC - 2
    Medications - None at the moment
    Important Dates -
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Melbo (Melissa)
    State - Victoria
    My Previous Cycle Length - 29 - 26 - 27 - 25 - 28 - 28
    Cycle Type - Down reg (long protocol)
    Months of TTC - Since 2002
    Medications - Synarel, Puregon, Blackmores Conception, Pg and BF formula
    Important Dates - BFP
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Ness4
    State - QLD
    My Previous Cycle Length - 28
    Cycle Type - IVF
    Months of TTC - Since Nov 2003
    Medications -
    Important Dates - September sometime
    Reason for Infertility - Pituitory, Thyroid & Adrenal glands do not work
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - NZGirl (Amy)
    State - NZ
    My Previous Cycle Length - 39
    Cycle Type -
    Months of TTC - Since July 2003
    Medications -
    Important Dates - BFP
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Special Child (Nola)
    State - Victoria
    My Previous Cycle Length - 32
    Cycle Type - Natural at the moment, looking at IVF
    Months of TTC - 32
    Medications - Folic acid
    Important Dates -
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Shell_l_d
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 27 - 24 - 27 - 28 - 24 - 30 - 28 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 28 - 27 - 23 - 27
    Cycle Type - Clomid & AIH (IUI)
    FF Link - http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/90983
    Months of TTC - 24
    Medications - Clomid 50mcg CD4-8, herbs, zinc, folate, Blackmores Pg/bfding
    Important Dates - 1st August BT :luck:
    Reason for Infertility - cin2 surgery scarring/narrowing, endo, anovulation
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name -Sheree
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length -31 - 32
    Cycle Type - Next Flare PGD Cycle
    Months of TTC - 14 IVF attempts, have done clomid, AIH etc too!
    Medications - 600ui Gonal F!
    Important Dates - Flare to start approx 2nd August
    Reason for Infertility - Severe endo, ACA+ve, PCOS
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Shezabelle
    State - QLD
    My Previous Cycle Length - 28 - 29 - 42 - 29 - 56 - 36
    Cycle Type - FSH injections + AIH
    Months of TTC - 14 (6 natural 4 clomid cycles over 7 months)
    Medications - Puregon 75 units daily
    Important Dates -
    Reason for Infertility - PCOS
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - Sushee
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 30 - 29 - 39
    Cycle Type - Down Reg Blast IVF
    Months of TTC - Since July 2001, 7 failed IVF/FETs
    Medications - Lucrin 15ui at the mo, Puregon 200ui ince AF starts
    Important Dates - 7th August BT :luck:
    Reason for Infertility - Blocked tubes, no chance of falling pg naturally
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name - *TAM* Tammie
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 35 - 28 - 38
    Cycle Type - month off before HRT FET
    Months of TTC - 26 months
    Medications - None
    Important Dates - Awaiting AF
    __________________________________________________ ___________


    July OPU/transfer/AIH

    Bbtrail inkstick: :bluestick:
    Bee :bluestick: inkstick:
    Keenas inkstick:
    Melbo :bluestick: inkstick:
    Shell :bluestick: inkstick:
    Sushee inkstick: :bluestick:

    August OPU/transfer/AIH


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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Mel - it's going to be a tough day for you - take care - we're all thinking of you.

    Who's up next for their BT?

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    Jun 2004

    Keen, wonderful result with your OPU. Fingers, toes etc all crossed for you hun. 19! That is an amazing result!

    Melbo, 75 definately is in the grey area. Just remember that is is as positive as it is negative, so try and think that it is good news (hard though!). Fingers crossed for you too.

    Babydreams, I used Gonal F in a powder and had to mix it up myself. That was back before they made either Puregon or Gonal F in a pen. The pens came in just as I finished my last IVF cycle. Don't stress too much - I was on doses that never added up to enough that the vial held. You simply have to make up a new batch and add it to the syringe to make up what you need. I got a couple of vials to start and then I was still going to need more, so when I went back (to Melb IVF, like Jo and Melbo) for subsequent visits, I just picked up more powder and liquid. You'll be fine. It's amazing the inner strength and abilities we have inside of us!

    I've missed someone that I was going to personal..... #-o ....I'll have to go back to the other thread......

    Sorry to hear that there have been a few BFN - my condolences to those ladies.


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    Sep 2004

    Mel, honey Im so sorry about your annoying non informative results. How upsetting and frustrating for you. And with things with Pusster to top it off :hugs: ... you take care of yourself and hang in there. I have pm'ed you. Am [-o< that your levels go through the roof and you get a bfp on Friday..

    Babydreams, Yeah Ive never heard of mixing Gonal before, only the trigger Pregnyl is mixed.... weird... hope you get some answers about that one soon...

    Shez, sorry to hear AF arrived... sort of?!

    Sush sound like you have some very strong and healthy little embies growing

    Ali, just a few more inkstick: for you!

    Got a phone call from clinic just then. Of 19 collected 17 were mature (not 19 as originally thought), 13 fertilised , 2 of those were abnormal however so we have 11 fertilised and all growing well at this stage. I cried to think we have 11 little fighters doing all they can to be strong and grow...

    I start the Crinone on Sat morning. And find out how embies are going on Sat, too.

    Very excited and hopeful!

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    Sep 2004

    Excellent numbers Keen.

    I empathise with you Mel, I had a similar experience in Mar/Apr BUT I had a much lower beta. It played on my mind and emotions greatly while doing the extra BTs and USs. The uncertainity is terrible, you just want to hear a b***y BFP not a MAYBE. On the day I recieved my news about my low beta there was two others in the same boat (on another thread). Of the three of us, one is still pregnant and seems to be going well (22 weeks now). But she was advised to have an amnio, which she did and all is OK. So you do have hope.

    If you are working at the moment,,weeeelllll maybe some time off would be best. I was was a mess, went to work anyway, which I regret.

    Best of luck.

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    tiggy Guest


    Thinking of you

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    May 2004

    Mel, xxxxxxx

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    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Mel - Thinking of you hun, still keeping fingers crossed for you for Friday. Love and kisses to Pusster.


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    Feb 2005

    Sorry to the girls with the BFN & Mel's maybe. No words are enough, so take big care of yourself.
    And hopefully next month we can have BFPs together, we are all here for you.

    Mel, thinking of you & your difficult day with Puster. It's a very hard decision to make.

    Keen, good luck on your numbers game, I was packing myself during that time each time an embie dropped off, but like Sushee, was pleasantly suprised by some slower ones catching up.

    Sushee, will be watching for your numbers.

    Sheree, I'm sure you've realised it's only a week to go!!!

    Take care all of you

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    Sep 2004

    Yeah, I know it's only a week, but I'm inpatient. I'm desperate to be pg before my EP EDD in Nov!@$!@$@%!#$%#@!$% ](*,)

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness

    Hello all!

    well, these are the results of sushee's blastocyst lotto:

    3 x compacted morula
    1 x 9 cell which is still dividing, and they hope will catch up by tomorrow.
    5 x embryos that have stopped dividing and are being considered as non-viable at this stage.

    All in all, 3 three blasts ( [-o< ) and 1 possible late bloomer.

    So, my ET is tomorrow at 2pm!!!!!!



    (err...better get back to work, my boss is staring at the stupid grin on my face)

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    Feb 2005

    Hi everyone,

    Just been catching up on all the activity in here.

    Firstly Ness, I'm so sorry about your BFN. It's just so disappointing and I guess there are no words for exactly how much. Take care of yourself.

    Ali - Sorry for the insensitivity of the person who told you your results but I am so glad you have three little battlers and now two on board. Hope the momentum keeps going and you get a lovely surprise in two weeks.

    Keen - Fantastic results for you and it really does sounds as if they are wonderful healthy embryos. Everything crossed for you.

    Sushee - Best of luck with your lovely blasts tomorrow ... it sounds as if things are going really great! It's just such a good feeling to jump a hurdle in this game so I know what you mean about having a big smile on your face!

    Babydreams - Best of luck with mixing your vials ... I'm gathering the pens are such a recent invention that a lot of the literature out there still hasn't caught up. I remember I was reading about mixing the vials in a book I have and was very surprised indeed when they handed me a biro to stick myself with.

    Shez - Sorry about your problems with AF. I hope she has arrived properly now and is soon out of the way so that you can start again. How frustrating for you.

    Sheree - Thanks ... I remembered that a few of the ladies here including you have had inconclusive BT results in the past. It certainly is frustrating. I guess there is not much to do but wait and see how it pans out.

    A very big THANKS to everyone who has PMed, emailed, posted and otherwise sent their good wishes about our Pusster. We've had a quiet day today at home and he is now not feeling like being touched which is very unusual for him. It makes me feel that this is the right decision and that I don't want to put him through any more. Thank goodness we can do this for our animal friends. I am very blessed to have the support of everyone here and it has meant and will mean so much to me in the days to come. Thank you all again and I will post tomorrow with an update on the BT situation.



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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Thanks every one i am over being neurotic for the time being anyway i rang the clinic and basicly they told me that i should just use it till the vial is finished and that i will be suprised how much is in each vial ( according to the nurse it apparently holds 1020 iu but you get 1200 iu out of it ) but written on it it says it holds 600iu so i am none the wiser but have decided to not care or i'll send myself to the looney bin oh and did i tell you OUCH !!!!!! the memories came flooding back :-({|= i am really truely looking forward to tomorrow 8-[

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    Hi all,
    Hope you're keeping well this evening.
    Sushee - good luck with your transfer tomorrow!
    Keen - great results - hope your little fighters keep growing strong!
    Mel - still have everything crossed for you.

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Mel - thinking of you and [-o< those beta levels are heading skywards at the moment

    Babydreams you should have enough for 6 days and then hound the clinic if need be at your follie scan

    Ali- how are you today ?

    Sushee that is fantastic for 3 maybe 4 blasts - best of luck for tomorrow.

    Keen - are you resting up - [-o< getting closer to your ET

    It's been quiet in here today ...tonight...

    It is all over rover for me.

    It isn't too heavy yet :smt102 though the clinic nurse it should be but I know it is AF for me- because I have had very light periods for last 7- 8 months since my curette in November.

    I thinks the Dr scrapped away too much of my endometrium - I haemorraged and he couldn't see where the bleeding was coming from.Just thankful I didn't end up with hysterectomy like he considered at one point.... (he told me this the next day on the phone).

    At follie scan my lining was only 6.5mm and they like it above 6mm so I just made it.

    I am now waiting for AF to go and then of course came back to haunt me and we are planning for natural FET in September - all too long away but what can I do but hang out here and pickup sticky vibes.

    Can't believe it will have then been 4 months since my first IVF appointment and 6 months since we made 1st appointment.
    Almost same time as fresh cycle without the sniffing and injecting though -one good thing to sing about (LOL - you don't wan tto hear my singing).

    Patience is not my name or nature. ](*,) I am just too old.

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    Sep 2004

    Trish, honey Im just SO sorry :hugs:

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    Jan 2005

    Oh Trish.. so sorry to read your news. I know there are no words :hugs:

    Sush good luck tomorrow

    Mel for you tomorrow.

    Well I had my Dr appt this morning and he did a scan and there is a 7mm empty sac (he thinks) in my uterus, he was not 100% convinced that a EP is no longer a possiblity so I had more BT and have to go back monday.. AF is sort of showing her face but only partially...(tick tock tick tock)

    :hbeat: Shez xox

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    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    Just popped in, saw on another post Keen said sushee had an embie transfer coming up (tomorrow!).. havent been on this board too much, didnt want to feel like a stalker hehe.. Goodluck sushee! (just then, I mentioned to my DP over msn, hes in qld for 3 months, that you had a transfer tomorrow, because he'd heard all about it before your last transfer.. and he just popped up with that hes gonna pray for you.. i was like.. wow.. maybe this is why i love this man).. but yeah.. just wanted to let you know that again, im hoping for you..

    and keen you too

    and everyone else! I will add some special mentions for my prayers tonight for all of you.


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