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thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait - April - June 09

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    Aug 2007
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    Just a quickie but Congratulations Kmond what wonderful news and also to Jodz for rising levels Yay..
    Hi to all the newbies and good luck..

    AFM - AF arrived yesterday afternoon and the clinic has moved my BT to Friday instead of Monday... Pretty gutted and I wasn't expecting it so soon so it floored me a little and had to keep working as well when all I wanted was my bed and the room dark so I could think clearly (and cry in private).. And now I have to have a cycle off before FET... So more waiting...
    Good luck to everyone else in the TWW...

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    Aug 2006

    Wow it's so busy in here. I had a strange feeling seeing as this is the first time I've participated in a TWW thread that there would be a heap of BFP's - I seem to be a bit of a charm for those around me!! If you want to be pregnant have some sort of contact with me - hehehe. Seriously - huge congratulations to Mahli09 and Kmond - fantastic news and wishing you H&H pregnancies. xx

    Jodz - hooray for rising levels!

    Mitf - i think we are the same - day 7 for me (I count ET as day 1) of my TWW. BT on 15/5 - when is your BT? Here's hoping we get our BFP's!

    K1 - good luck with your BT today, I cannot believe how strong you were to not POAS. Please drop back in here with good news!

    BOC - huge hugs to you. I'm sorry you think AF is arriving but hang in there - it's not over till its over. Hoping you woke up this morning to no AF and some positive vibes. I'm wishing for this to be your BFP! Fingers crossed x

    Hi to helene & Chellie88 - best of luck

    kittycat27 - did you POAS yet?? Please be good news!!! Thinking of you

    Jozza72 - hi, good luck with your TWW. Re: food in the TWW, I've done so many TWW's that sometimes I am very careful and other times more relaxed. I always avoid the definate no-no foods and try to go for healthier options but still eat basically what i want.

    lilmiss - so so sorry AF arrived. Hope you are feeling a bit better today

    AFM: I have a cold!! Could this ruin my chances? I'm miserable 'cos I cant take anything for it and scared it means my emby wont want to hang around. I'm also on Prog pessaries and a bit down - bit of cramping yesterday and the day before - which would normally make me a bit excited about implantation but with prog pessaries it's probably them and not my emby.....agh so over this and it's not even a week in yet....

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    Feb 2009

    Hi Fellow TWW!

    Firstly Congratulations Kmond wishing you the best of luck!

    Welcome Jozza, Helene & Chellie - This place will keep you semi sane in the next two weeks! Chellie I got my first faint positive 7 days after my transfer.

    Lilmiss - sorry babe for your news - I hope your doing ok sending you my love x

    Infinity - I know it's hard with prog making you feel down but try and be positive!

    Kittycat - hang in there!

    Jodz - Great news on your prog levels

    K1 - Good luck for today!

    Boc - Stay positive!! My nurses told me the Crinone gel is what gives you the AF cramps and makes you feel like the witch is coming - I also looked it up and found nothing to say that it can give you a false positive - I think it is Pregnl that does that. Is your BT today? - thinking of you!!

    AFM - I did another hpt last night and the line was darker than the first test - I have also felt a bit off today so I am hoping that my embie is holding on tight. My clinic will call me tommorrow with the news after my BT but I feel bad for DH - I don't want to tell him over the phone because I want to see his face but I also don't want him to have to wait till I get home from work!


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    Hello ladies

    Just wanting to pop in here as i had ET this morning. Now just staying positive and confident and hoping for the best.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better over the next few days.

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    Aug 2008

    Paula - strongest stick vibes!

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    Sep 2008

    Paula lots of sticky vibes to you.


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    Aug 2008


    Just a quick one, got my BT results. It's a positive, but there's a big BUT. My levels are really low, only 40. I have to go back for another BT on Monday. The nurse told me not to get excited that there's a chance it will all fizzle out.

    I know I should be grateful to even get a +ve but it's really hard to smile knowing that it could all be gone any moment. Guess there's nothing much to do now but wait... again

    Thanks for the support guys, here's hoping and ing little embie dcides she likes me enough to stick around...

    On the up side they said my progesterone was great, 187 so I can stop the Crinone, Mahli let's hope that was what was giving me the cramping.

    Thinking of you all and wishing you

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    Oct 2008

    CONGRATULATIONS Jodz and Kwond I hope you have a H & H pg.

    Boc - that your levels rise. Thinking of you.

    Mahli - GREAT news Look forward to hearing your levels tomorrow. I waited till my DP got home from work b4 I told him the news. Like you, wanted to tell him face to face. Its hard though sitting there waiting till then! Good luck.

    Infinity - I too got a cold during the 1st week of my TWW and thought the same as you that my embie wouldnt stick because my body was unwell. However, I got a BFP, so hang in there and take good care of yourself. Get as much rest as possible.

    lilmiss - sorry to hear AF arrived

    Good luck to everyone else. Lots of


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    Feb 2006
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    Thanks for the sticky vibes....they worked!

    BT confirmed BFP with good levels all round. I'm still in shock but hoping that sharing the news will help me get it through my head that its the real deal!

    Sending out loads of those good sticky vibes to everyone still on the TWW.

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    congrats k1, jodz and kmond!

    good luck BOC..here's hoping

    all the best everyone else

    I am going to be away for a week, so will check in when I get back

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    Feb 2009

    K1 - wonderful news congratulations!

    BOC - stay positive for that BT on Monday for you. Sending up a wish for you tonight

    Mahli09 - great news - looking forward to hearing your BT results tomorrow!

    Infinity - stay positive and be your own good luck charm. for you

    Lilmiss - so sorry to hear your news - try and make the most of the break and goodluck for your FET

    Paula, Jozza Chellie and kittycat - welcome and goodluck for your TWW

    Jodz - hope those numbers keep going up and up and up

    Helene - welcome to BB - it's a difficult time but am sure you will find the support you need and answers to all those questions as well. All the very best on your journey.

    Sorry if I've missed anyone!

    AFM my HCG level was 282 which they said was good but they didn't test me for progesterone and have told me to stop the crinone pessaries now. This is making me really nervous as lots of things I've read say you should continue for 12 weeks? BOC - I see your FS has told you to stop but then they've checked your progesterone level and it's good. Asked my FS about this and she said if the embryo is viable then it will continue without the progesterone and it's not then if I continue on the crinone then all I will be doing is artificially prolonging a pregnancy that's not viable. Any thoughts on this?

    Sending everyone in the TWW loads of - GL everyone

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    Sorry bout that, not sure what went wrong there but somehow my last post managed to duplicate three times - hope thats not a sign I'm having triplets!! Anyway, perhaps to keep it tidy one of the moderators can delete 2 of them?

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    Hi Kmond.. Congrats on your PG hun.. With regards to your progesterone levels, the way I look at it is that with all the messing around that they do with our hormones is that the pessaries kind of fill the gap between what our bodies normally do and what the FS has been making them do.. So once you're PG your body takes over this production without FS help and if it is within natures ability to keep you PG then you will be but the will of the FS will only help so far.. Good luck sweetie.. I hope nature continues to carry you down the path to a H&H PG... (I hope that makes sense)

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    Mar 2009
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    Kmond - that is a hard dilemma, hopefully you feel confident in your FS and can come off the gel. In my early collection cycles I didn't stay on the gel for too long but then they have identified that I need help with the progesterone production until the placenta takes over. FET cycles I have been told you stay on perssaries to somewhere between 8 -12 weeks as well as the ES tablets.
    I have had a mc from low numbers but also after testing the baby there were chromosomal problems with the baby, so it actually was never going to be a viable pregnancy . So it is hard to say yes or no to you question, I guess your FS wouldn't do anything to jeopardise your pg. I did find it odd that they didn't test your prog levels to start with though? I have everything crossed for you and that your embryo and body takes over and does the right thing.

    Boc - I have everything crossed for you. I have been where you are now before. It is so hard and it starts to do your head in. I really hope your numbers go up.....

    AFM - back to clinic again for BT test 3 to check levels and to see if I need another injectable progesterone shot on Saturday morning. I love the clinic and they are great people but I look forward to the day when I don't have to go there 3 or 4 times a week!!

    Everyone else....I hope you are keeping sane in the 2WW.
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    K1 - Thrilled for you - well done!

    Possums - are you going somewhere exciting for a week? Maybe a holiday? Thanks for your continued support in here - we'll miss it for the week

    Kmond - you can always ask your FS to check your Prog levels if you are really worried? My nurses have also said that using a Prog pessary can't hurt anything. (they are expensive though - but what isn't in this?) When we get a BFP a whole new set of worries starts doesn't it? Get your levels checked and you can stop worrying about them. Wishing you a H&H pregnancy. x

    Paula - hi and best of luck with your TWW. I hope it goes by quickly for you with a BFP at the end.

    BOC - congratulations again, here's hoping your levels rise. I'm sorry you have this horrible wait ahead of you, come vent to us whenever you need to. Stick & grow little boc!!

    Miss Magpie - thanks for the support - hopefully I follow in your footsteps: cold = BFP! Maybe my natual immunity/defences are down so an emby could more easily set up home? Just a sample of my crazy TWW thoughts....

    Jodz, good luck with the BT today - fingers crossed your Prog levels are good.

    To all TWW's - I'm still wishing for your BFP's! Who's up next for their BT?

    AFM - not much to report, still have cruddy cold, no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever and quietly going mad with waiting.......

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    Hi Girls,

    Thanks for the support. It's good to hear from people who know exactly what's going on in my head. One downside of having such a huge age gap with hubby is that most of our friends are older and already have had their families and don't see it as such a big deal if I don't fall. Easy for them to say they've got nothing to lose! I don't really have a lot of support, DH is not an emotional person at all and my Mum is 2 hours away and we often fight a lot anyway so I really appreciate your well wishes and kind words guys!

    K1: Congratulations! Here's hoping you have a H & H ! Oh and I'm now following you on Twitter too!

    Infinity, Jodz, Kmond, MissMagpie & Poss: thanks girls, really appreciate the wishes and

    Mahli: with your BT today! I think you were right about the Crinone, I stopped it yesterday and for the first time I had no cramping last night and I managed to sleep somewhat through without getting up 3 or 4 times to pee.

    Thanks again for the . Trying to stay positive. , hoping and ing for a sticky little embie!

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    Hey everyone i see there is alot of BFP floating around, congrats to everyone and lets hope that they are all H&H P's. Im 12DPO do you think it is to early to test? i dont think i can hold out any longer. I have my blood test on Wed 13th. thats so far away! Havnt really had any symptons just a stuffy nose and like a pulling feeling in my ovaries?? My (.)(.) are still really saw but i think thats probly still from the hormones they gave me, then again that should be out of my system by now. Well that we all get BFP this time around and congrats to everyone who already has.

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    Wow what great news flooding this thread. Keep it coming!!

    Congrats K1, Kmond and Jodz!

    Boc will say a little prayer for you and hope that your levels continue to rise. Best of luck with the BT on Monday.

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